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GNU Ball and Paddle 0.8.0

From: Eric P Hutchins
Subject: GNU Ball and Paddle 0.8.0
Date: 1 Oct 2008 02:05:10 -0400
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I am happy to announce the long-awaited release of GNU Ball and Paddle 0.8.0.

GNU Ball and Paddle is an old-fashioned ball and paddle game with a set
amount of blocks to destroy on each level, while moving a paddle left and
right at the bottom of the screen. Various powerups may make different
things occur.

It now uses GNU Guile for extension and the levels are written with Guile.
Follow the example level sets and the documentation.

Most things can be extended, from the skin to the graphics for most
objects, and most fonts. Even the block behavior can be scripted now. This
means that you may, for example, make a block that will randomly change
states until one time it gets destroyed, or destroy the balls, or a

The website is at

You can get version 0.8.0 on ftp at

Try out the extension features! :-)

Happy Hacking
Eric P. Hutchins

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