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GNU swbis version 1.0 released

From: Jim Lowe
Subject: GNU swbis version 1.0 released
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 21:13:39 -0400 (EDT)

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I am pleased to announce GNU swbis version 1.0

   Home Page:

c9b0796bc70b2ad011c44b86e53a150c  swbis-1.0.tar.gz
a4ee303ddf9b22a1d2885c1191e65b89999fcf38  swbis-1.0.tar.gz

'swbis' is set of software administration and package
management utilities.

Its unique features include: network transparency via direct
use of the ssh client program, no new program requirements on
the remote hosts, and back compatibility with the tar archive
format and typical file layouts for source and run-time packages.
Its security features include file digests for the payload and
individual files and embedded signatures of the package metadata.

In addition to package management, there are several other
applications of the utilities:  Self contained format translation
of RPM and dpkg packages, general purpose data copying from host
to host, and creation of tar or cpio archives from a detailed
recipe file.  The implementation's abstraction of a UNIX
directory and archive, with GNU tar as the translation tool,
permits use as a directory content integrity checker, and by
committing the meta-data, it can be used as a non-intrusive SCM
(e.g. CVS) security tool.

Happy Hacking!
Jim Lowe
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