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GNUspool Release 1.2

From: John M Collins
Subject: GNUspool Release 1.2
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 11:52:17 +0000

I have just put up GNUspool Release 1.2

Apart from one minor bug (deletion of job and printer macros in the GTK interfaces) and a minor extra (double-click on macro list to edit) this is all fixing of typos in the manuals and help messages, mostly where the old names of programs (spq, splist etc) was still being shown rather than the "gspl-" names (gspl-pq gspl-plist etc) in some places or where "global edits" had been a bit too zealous.

GNUspool is a replacement printing system for CUPS and UNIX-style spoolers with hundreds of extra facilities, a mini-language for printer backends, sharing of printers and jobs across networks, security features etc.

Interfaces are available for shell, curses, GTK, C or C++ API, also Motif. There is MS Windows software but this currently needs rewriting by a Windows Guru to use free software only.

John Collins <address@hidden> Skype: toadwarbler

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