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Zile 2.3.1 released

From: rrt
Subject: Zile 2.3.1 released
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 21:28:01 -0000

I am happy to announce the release of Zile 2.3.1,
lightweight Emacs clone.

This release contains a rewrite of the test suite which drives Zile
directly, as DejaGnu proved to be insufficiently portable, and too
flaky. Two commands have been added to make it possible to write all
the tests in Lisp, namely execute-kbd-macro and insert-char. The
--script flag is now --load, which is what it really does. Various
commands have been made to work non-interactively. Duplication has
been reduced by generating much of the documentation from the code.
The info manual, which was not particularly useful and only duplicated
information available elsewhere, has been removed. Other small fixes
and improvements have been made.

Zile's web page is at

The signed source can be obtained from and its world-wide

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