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[ANNOUNCE] bzr 1.13 released

From: Bob Tanner
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] bzr 1.13 released
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 16:15:25 -0500

This release includes bug fixes and a few performance and feature improvements. GNU Changelog output can now be produced by ``bzr log --format gnu- changelog``. Debug flags can now be set in ``~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf``. Lightweight Checkouts
and Stacked Branches should both be much faster over remote connections.

The Bazaar team is happy to announce availability of a new
release of the bzr adaptive version control system.

Thanks to everyone who contributed patches, suggestions, and

Bazaar is now available for download from as a source tarball; packages
for various systems will be available soon.

bzr 1.13 "paraskavedekatriaphobia" 2009-03-14

  CHANGES FROM bzr 1.13rc1 2009-03-10:


    * Fix "is not a stackable format" error when pushing a
stackable-format branch with an unstackable-format repository to a
      destination with a default stacking policy.  (Andrew Bennetts)

    * Progress bars now show the rate of network activity for
      ``bzr+ssh://`` and ``bzr://`` connections.  (Andrew Bennetts)


    * ``bzr log --line`` now indicates which revisions are merges with
      `[merge]` after the date.  Scripts which parse the output of this
      command may need to be adjusted.
      (Neil Martinsen-Burrell)


    * ``bzr reconfigure`` now supports --with-trees and --with-no-trees
      options to change the default tree-creation policy of shared
      repositories.  (Matthew Fuller, Marius Kruger, #145033)

    * Debug flags can now be set in ``~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf``.
      (Martin Pool)

* Filtered views provide a mask over the tree so that users can focus on a subset of a tree when doing their work. See ``Filtered views``
      in chapter 7 of the User Guide and ``bzr help view`` for details.
      (Ian Clatworthy)

    * GNU Changelog output can now be produced by ``bzr log --format
      gnu-changelog``.  (Andrea Bolognani, Martin Pool)

    * The ``-Dmemory`` flag now gives memory information on Windows.
      (John Arbash Meinel)

* Multiple authors for a commit can now be recorded by using the "--author"
      option multiple times. (James Westby, #185772)

* New clean-tree command, from bzrtools. (Aaron Bentley, Jelmer Vernoij)

* New command ``bzr launchpad-open`` opens a Launchpad web page for that branch in your web browser, as long as the branch is on Launchpad at all.
      (Jonathan Lange)


* ``bzr add`` no longer prints ``add completed`` on success. Failure
      still prints an error message. (Robert Collins)

    * ``bzr branch`` now has a ``--no-tree`` option which turns off the
      generation of a working tree in the new branch.
      (Daniel Watkins, John Klinger, #273993)

    * Bazaar will now point out ``bzr+ssh://`` to the user when they
      use ssh://. (Jelmer Vernooij, #330535)

* ``bzr -v info`` now omits the number of committers branch statistic,
      making it many times faster for large projects. To include that
      statistic in the output, use ``bzr -vv info``.
      (Ian Clatworthy)

* ``bzr push`` to a ``bzr`` url (``bzr://``, ``bzr+ssh://`` etc) will stream if the server is version 1.13 or greater, reducing roundtrips
      significantly. (Andrew Bennetts, Robert Collins)

    * Lightweight Checkouts and Stacked Branches should both be much
      faster over remote connections. Building the working tree now
batches up requests into approx 5MB requests, rather than a separate
      request for each file. (John Arbash Meinel)

    * Support for GSSAPI authentication when using HTTP or HTTPS.
      (Jelmer Vernooij)

* The ``bzr shelve`` prompt now includes a '?' help option to explain the
      short options better. (Daniel Watkins, #327429)

* ``bzr lp-open`` now falls back to the push location if it cannot find a
      public location. (Jonathan Lange, #332372)

* ``bzr lp-open`` will try to find the Launchpad URL for the location passed on the command line. This makes ``bzr lp-open lp:foo`` work as
      expected. (Jonathan Lange, #332705)

* ``bzr send`` now supports MH-E via ``emacsclient``. (Eric Gillespie)


    * Bazaar now gives a better message including the filename if it's
unable to read a file in the working directory, for example because
      of a permission error.  (Martin Pool, #338653)

    * ``bzr send`` help is more specific about how to apply merge
      directives.  (Neil Martinsen-Burrell, #253470)

* ``bzr missing`` now uses ``Repository.get_revision_delta()`` rather
      than fetching trees and determining a delta itself. (Jelmer
      Vernooij, #315048)

    * ``bzr push`` to a smart server no longer causes "Revision
      {set([('null:',)])} not present ..." errors when the branch has
      multiple root revisions. (Andrew Bennetts, #317654)

* ``bzr shelve`` now properly handle patches with no terminating newline.
      (BenoƮt PIERRE, #303569)

* ``bzr unshelve`` gives a more palatable error if passed a non- integer
      shelf id. (Daniel Watkins)

    * Export now handles files that are not present in the tree.
      (James Westby, #174539)

* Fixed "sprout() got an unexpected keyword argument 'source_branch'"
      error branching from old repositories.
      (Martin Pool, #321695)

    * Make ``bzr push --quiet <non-local location>`` less chatty.
      (Kent Gibson, #221461)

* Many Branch hooks would not fire with ``bzr://`` and ``bzr +ssh://``
      branches, and this was not noticed due to a bug in the test logic
      for branches. This is now fixed and a test added to prevent it
      reoccuring. (Robert Collins, Andrew Bennetts)

* Restore the progress bar on Windows. We were disabling it when TERM
      wasn't set, but Windows doesn't set TERM. (Alexander Belchenko)

    * `` build_ext`` now gives a proper error when an extension
      fails to build. (John Arbash Meinel)

    * Symlinks to non ascii file names are now supported.
      (Robert Collins, Vincent Ladeuil, #339055, #272444)

* Under rare circumstances (aka nobody reported a bug about it), the ftp transport could revert to ascii mode. It now stays in binary mode except
      when needed.
      (Vincent Ladeuil)

    * Unshelve does not generate warnings about progress bars.
      (Aaron Bentley, #328148)


    * Added ``Organizing your workspace`` to the User Guide appendices,
      summarizing some common ways of organizing trees, branches and
      repositories and the processes/workflows implied/enabled by each.
      (Ian Clatworthy)

* Hooks can now be self documenting. ``bzrlib.hooks.Hooks.create_hook``
      is the entry point for this feature. (Robert Collins)

* The documentation for ``shelve`` and ``unshelve`` has been clarified.
      (Daniel Watkins, #327421, #327425)


    * ``bzr selftest`` now fails if the bazaar sources contain trailing
      whitespace, non-unix style line endings and files not ending in a
newline. About 372 files and 3243 lines with trailing whitespace was updated to comply with this. The code already complied with the other
      criteria, but now it is enforced. (Marius Kruger)

    * ``Branch.fetch`` and ``Repository.fetch`` now return None rather
than a count of copied revisions and failed revisions. A while back
      we stopped ever reporting failed revisions because we started
erroring instead, and the copied revisions count is not used in the
      UI at all - indeed it only reflects the repository status not
      changes to the branch itself. (Robert Collins)

* MutableTree.commit now favours the "authors" argument, with the old
      "author" argument being deprecated.

    * Remove deprecated EmptyTree.  (Martin Pool)

    * ``Repository.fetch`` now accepts an optional ``fetch_spec``
parameter. A ``SearchResult`` or ``MiniSearchResult`` may be passed to ``fetch_spec`` instead of a ``last_revision`` to specify exactly
      which revisions to fetch. (Andrew Bennetts)

    * ``RepositoryAcquisitionPolicy.acquire_repository`` now returns a
      tuple of ``(repository, is_new_flag)``, rather than just the
      repository.  (Andrew Bennetts)

    * Revision.get_apparent_author() is now deprecated, replaced by
      Revision.get_apparent_authors(), which returns a list. The former
now returns the first item that would be returned from the second.

    * The ``BranchBuilder`` test helper now accepts a ``timestamp``
parameter to ``build_commit`` and ``build_snapshot``. (Martin Pool)

    * The ``_fetch_*`` attributes on ``Repository`` are now on
``RepositoryFormat``, more accurately reflecting their intent (they
      describe a disk format capability, not state of a particular
      repository of that format). (Robert Collins)


    * Branching from a non-stacked branch on a smart protocol is now
      free of virtual file system methods.
      (Robert Collins, Andrew Bennetts)

    * Branch and Repository creation on a bzr+ssh://server are now done
      via RPC calls rather than VFS calls, reducing round trips for
      pushing new branches substantially. (Robert Collins)

* ``Branch.clone`` now takes the ``repository_policy`` formerly used
      inside ``BzrDir.clone_on_transport``, allowing stacking to be
      configured before the branch tags and revision tip are set. This
      fixes a race condition cloning stacked branches that would cause
      plugins to have hooks called on non-stacked instances.
      (Robert Collins, #334187)

    * ``BzrDir.cloning_metadir`` now has a RPC call. (Robert Collins)

    * ``BzrDirFormat.__str__`` now uses the human readable description
      rather than the sometimes-absent disk label. (Robert Collins)

    * ``bzrlib.fetch`` is now composed of a sender and a sink component
      allowing for decoupling over a network connection. Fetching from
      or into a RemoteRepository with a 1.13 server will use this to
      stream the operation.
      (Andrew Bennetts, Robert Collins)

    * ``bzrlib.tests.run_suite`` accepts a runner_class parameter
      supporting the use of different runners. (Robert Collins)

    * Change how file_ids and revision_ids are interned as part of
inventory deserialization. Now we use the real ``intern()``, rather than our own workaround that would also cache a Unicode copy of the
      string, and never emptied the cache. This should slightly reduce
      memory consumption. (John Arbash Meinel)

    * New branch method ``create_clone_on_transport`` that returns a
      branch object. (Robert Collins)

    * New hook Commands['extend_command'] to allow plugins to access a
      command object before the command is run (or help generated from
      it), without overriding the command. (Robert Collins)

    * New version of the ``BzrDir.find_repository`` verb supporting
      ``_network_name`` to support removing more _ensure_real calls.
      (Robert Collins)

* ``RemoteBranchFormat`` no longer claims to have a disk format string.
      (Robert Collins)

    * ``Repository`` objects now have ``suspend_write_group`` and
      ``resume_write_group`` methods.  These are currently only useful
      with pack repositories. (Andrew Bennetts, Robert Collins)

* ``BzrDirFormat``, ``BranchFormat`` and ``RepositoryFormat`` objects now have a ``network_name`` for passing the format across RPC calls.
      (Robert Collins, Andrew Bennetts)

    * ``RepositoryFormat`` objects now all have a new attribute
      ``_serializer`` used by fetch when reserialising is required.
      (Robert Collins, Andrew Bennetts)

    * Some methods have been pulled up from ``BzrBranch`` to ``Branch``
      to aid branch types that are not bzr branch objects (like
      RemoteBranch). (Robert Collins, Andrew Bennetts)

    * Test adaptation has been made consistent throughout the built in
      tests. ``TestScenarioApplier``, ``multiply_tests_from_modules``,
      ``adapt_tests``, ``adapt_modules`` have all been deleted. Please
use ``multiply_tests``, or for lower level needs ``apply_scenarios``
      and ``apply_scenario``. (Robert Collins)

    * ``TestSkipped`` is now detected by TestCase and passed to the
``TestResult`` by calling ``addSkip``. For older TestResult objects,
      where ``addSkip`` is not available, ``addError`` is still called.
      This permits test filtering in subunit to strip out skipped tests
resulting in a faster fix-shrink-list-run cycle. This is compatible
      with the testtools protocol for skips. (Robert Collins)

    * The ``_index`` of ``KnitVersionedFiles`` now supports the ability
      to scan an underlying index that is going to be incorporated into
      the ``KnitVersionedFiles`` object, to determine if it has missing
      delta references. The method is ``scan_unvalidated_index``.
      (Andrew Bennetts, Robert Collins)

* There is a RemoteSink object which handles pushing to smart servers.
      (Andrew Bennetts, Robert Collins)

    * ``TransportTraceDecorator`` now logs ``put_bytes_non_atomic`` and
      ``rmdir`` calls. (Robert Collins)

* ``VersionedFiles`` record adapters have had their signature change
      from ``(record, record.get_bytes_as(record.storage_kind))`` to
      ``(record)`` reducing excess duplication and allowing adapters
      to access private data in record to obtain content more
      efficiently. (Robert Collins)

* We no longer probe to see if we should create a working tree during
      clone if we cannot get a local_abspath for the new bzrdir.
      (Robert Collins)

bzr 1.12 "1234567890" 2009-02-13

This release of Bazaar contains many improvements to the speed,
documentation and functionality of ``bzr log`` and the display of logged
revisions by ``bzr status``.  bzr now also gives a better indication of
progress, both in the way operations are drawn onto a text terminal, and
by showing the rate of network IO.


    * ``bzr init --development-wt5[-rich-root]`` would fail because of
      circular import errors. (John Arbash Meinel, #328135)


    * Expanded the help for log and added a new help topic called
      ``log-formats``.  (Ian Clatworthy)

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