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GNU libiconv 1.13 released

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: GNU libiconv 1.13 released
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 01:44:10 +0200
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GNU libiconv is the character set conversion library that provides a decent
'iconv' facility on non-glibc systems.


New in 1.13:

* The library and the iconv program now understand platform dependent aliases,
  for better compatibility with the platform's own iconv_open function.
  Examples: "646" on Solaris, "iso88591" on HP-UX, "IBM-1252" on AIX.

* For stateful encodings, when the input ends with a shift sequence followed
  by invalid input, the iconv function now increments the input pointer past
  the shift sequence before returning (size_t)(-1) with errno = EILSEQ. This
  is also like GNU libc's iconv() behaves.

* The library exports a new function iconv_open_into() that stores the
  conversion descriptor in pre-allocated memory, rather than allocating fresh
  memory for it.

* Added CP1131 converter.


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