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GNU SIP Witch 0.5.6 released

From: David Sugar
Subject: GNU SIP Witch 0.5.6 released
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 22:30:15 -0400
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GNU SIP Witch is a telephony server that focuses on secure enabling peer to
peer media connections.  GNU SIP Witch avoids centralized decryption and
minimizes overhead by eliminating the need for media processing.  This also
enables Video capable endpoints to communicate without requiring server
support and eliminates the need for using patent restricted media codecs.
Releases of GNU SIP Witch can be found at

Version 0.5.6 - June 2009

This release introduces new transitional support for network origin and peering
detection of endpoints for what will be the 0.6 release series.  This enables
sipwitch to determine what subnet a peer is communicating from, and where the
interface address of sipwitch, whether local or external (public side of NAT)
appears in reference to that user agent.  With this information we can now
automatically classify when and where RTP media proxy assistance is needed
between two endpoints, such as for NAT penetration when one or more endpoints
are behind NAT.  Introduction of refer method call transfer was also added.

We are looking for help with packaging for inclusion in different free
software distributions, and with further testing of secure distributed key
VoIP solutions built around sipwitch, the GNU ZRTP stack, and secure user
agents such as Twinkle and SIP Communicator.

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