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New stable release: GNU Solfege 3.18.1

From: Tom Cato Amundsen
Subject: New stable release: GNU Solfege 3.18.1
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 15:42:25 +0200

GNU Solfege 3.18.1
Solfege is free music education software. Use it to train your rhythm,
interval, scale and chord skills. It is free software and runs on
GNU/Linux, MS Windows 2000 and newer, Max OS X with some effort,
and possibly other operating systems with the required tools. It should
run wherever you can run Python 2.5, Gtk+ 2.12, PyGtk 2.12.

Bug tracker:

3.18.1 October 5, 2010
* Updated Esperanto, Polish and Italian translation.
* Don't import when running solfege with the --debug option.
* Windows sound driver: Fix winmidi.reset so that it will reset the
correct dev num. Thanks to Krzysztof Foltman for telling me how to fix
this. This fix let us use external midi synths on MS Windows.
* Give the synth a little time to process program changes by calling
an extra note_off. The default is 100ms, but this is configurable from
the users solfegerc file.

Changes in 3.18.0 (compared to the 3.16 release). Included here since
3.18.0 was not that widely announced:
* Profile manager
* Preferences window: Add gui to delete statistics.
* Resize main window when selecting exercises to use the scrollbars less.
* The statistics page of exercises will show the 10 latest test results.
* Front page editor: option to search for strings in lesson file
titles when selecting lesson files.
* Export Exercises to Audio Files: add checkbutton that names the
generated audio files after the answer of the question.
* Add missing "Repeat Arpeggio" button to sing-the-fifth
* Updated Esperanto, Brazilian Portugese, Turkish and Persian translation.
* Spelling fixes by Ruslan Fedyarov and dougkerns
* Works with Swig 2.0
* Bug fix to the statistics table, and documented the statistics
tables in the user manual.
* Lots of minor bug fixes and improvements to the code.

Tom Cato Amundsen <address@hidden>       
GNU Solfege - free ear training

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