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glibc-2.11.3 released

From: Petr Baudis
Subject: glibc-2.11.3 released
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 04:52:35 +0100
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I would like to announce a new glibc-2.11 stable branch version. You can
get it from or from the git repository tagged as glibc-2.11.3.
This is a bugfix glibc release, revising the glibc-2.11.2 release only
by bugfixes and trivial changes backported from the master glibc
development branch.

These commits were included since glibc-2.11.2:

Andreas Krebbel (1):
      Fix concurrency problem between dl_open and dl_iterate_phdr

Andreas Schwab (15):
      sunrpc: Fix spurious fall-through
      Don't crash on unresolved weak symbol reference
      Fix use of extend_alloca in NIS
      Require suid bit on audit objects in privileged programs
      Document M_PERTURB
      Fix array overflow in floating point parser
      Fix register conflict in s390 ____longjmp_chk
      Expect PLT call to _Unwind_Find_FDE on s390*-linux
      Don't expand DST twice in dl_open
      Require suid bit on audit objects in privileged programs
      Work around shortest-stem feature in make 3.82+
      Properly quote output of locale
      Don't mix pattern rules with normal rules
      Fix memory leak in fnmatch
      Properly convert f_fsid in statvfs

Chung-Lin Tang (1):
      Fix _FORITY_SOURCE version of longjmp for Linux/x86-64.

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort (1):
      Hurd: Fix linkat symlink handling.

Eric Blake (1):
      Fix strstr and memmem algorithm.

H.J. Lu (4):
      Incorrect x86 CPU family and model check.
      Fix alignment of AVX safe area on x86-64.
      Add -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables to initfini.s for i386
      Fix alignment of AVX safe area on x86-64.

Jakub Jelinek (1):
      Fix a couple of __REDIRECT () __THROW occurrences

Joseph Myers (1):
      getdents64 fallback d_type support

Kirill A. Shutemov (1):
      Flush cache after solving TEXTRELs if arch requires it.

Luis Machado (1):
      Fix comparison in sqrtl for IBM long double 128.

Mike Frysinger (2):
      Fix typo in x86-64 epoll.h.
      Update sparc epoll.h from epoll_create2 to epoll_create1

Miklos Szeredi (1):
      Verify in ttyname() that the symlink is valid.

Petr Baudis (2):
      Fix multiple nss_compat initgroups() bugs
      Allow aux_cache_file open()ing to fail silently even in the chroot mode.

Richard Li (1):
      Fix x86-64 strchr propagation of search byte into all bytes of SSE 

Roland McGrath (4):
      Manual wording fix for round{,f,l}.
      Fix vDSO synthetic hwcap handling so they are not masked out from matching.
      BZ #11840: Fix config.cache usage for -fgnu89-inline check.
      BZ 11856: fix manual nit

Samuel Thibault (1):
      Hurd: fix timeout rounding in select

Takashi Yoshii (2):
      Fix iov[] size in SH register_dump()
      [sh] Fix incorrect location of ifndef for __ASSUME_FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME.

Ulrich Drepper (19):
      Don't crash on unresolved weak symbol reference when auditing.
      Fix handling of tail bytes of buffer in SSE2/SSSE3 x86-64 version 
      Add test case for strstr problem.
      32bit memset-sse2.S fails with uneven cache size
      Fix build with newer linker.
      More linking issues fixed.
      Missing server address again leads to localhost being used
      Actually make it possible to user the default name server.
      Handle large requests.
      Remove specific binutils version recommendation in INSTALL file.
      Linux getifaddrs might return entries with ->ifa_addr being NULL.
      Fix memory leak for some invalid regular expressions.
      More regex memory leak fixes and testcases
      One more regex memory leak fixed.
      Fix perturbing in malloc on free.
      Fix warnings in __bswap_16.
      Avoid too much stack use in fnmatch.
      Define MAP_HUGETLB.


                                Petr "Pasky" Baudis

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