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GNU AutoGen Version 5.11.5/AutoOpts Version 33.4

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: GNU AutoGen Version 5.11.5/AutoOpts Version 33.4
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 12:03:14 -0800
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Note: 5.11.4 was never announced.  It was announced by someone
else before it was polished so there may be a counterfeit out
there, unless you got it from  (I did release it after
the counterfeit announcement.)

I've done some more polishing:

GNU AutoGen/AutoOpts is a two-part project that serves two separate
purposes.  The two parts are combined because they are inextricably

AutoGen is a tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of
programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text.  It is
especially valuable in programs that have several blocks of text that
must be kept synchronized.

AutoOpts is both an example of that and a project in its own right.
It is a very powerful configuration file, environment variable and
command line option management tool consisting of a set of AutoGen
templates and a run time library that nearly eliminates the hassle
of managing, parsing and documenting program options.

The self-referential example:

New in 5.11.5 - December, 2010

* When "columns" puts a special prefix on the first line, it now
  tests to see if it is longer than the indentation.  If so, that
  first prefix has the line separator, new line and indentation
  strings appended to it.
* Fixed a fence post bug triggered by creating temporary strings
  8160 through 8163 bytes long.
* dependency output files should be readable by everyone.
* The executable programs used to create documentation are now
  existence tested and made in the make rules instead of being
  listed in documentation dependencies.


* various test fixes:
  accommodate some severe brokenness in Solaris' shells
  Fix a seg fault on Solaris
* Do not install .m4 files used to create configure script

AutoGen home:
primary ftp:
library project:
bug reports:     autogen-users at the lists dot SourceForge net domain
bug archive:
maintainer:      Bruce Korb - bkorb at the usual GNU domain

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