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groff 1.21 released

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: groff 1.21 released
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 14:55:40 +0100 (CET)

groff 1.21 has been released.

It is available from and mirrors of that site
(see list of mirror sites at  Current
snapshots are available from

groff is the GNU implementation of troff, a document formatting system.
Included in this release are implementations of troff, pic, eqn, tbl, grn,
refer, -man, -mdoc, -mom, and -ms macros, and drivers for PostScript, TeX
dvi format, HP LaserJet 4 printers, Canon CAPSL printers, HTML and XHTML
format (beta status), and typewriter-like devices.  Also included is a
modified version of the Berkeley -me macros, the enhanced version gxditview
of the X11 xditview previewer, and an implementation of the -mm macros.

See below for the relevant snippet from the NEWS file.

Bug reports should go to address@hidden






o The new `lsm' request specifies a macro to be invoked when leading spaces
  in an input line are encountered (which are removed then).  Number
  registers `lsn' and `lss' hold the number of removed leading spaces and
  the corresponding horizontal space, respectively.

o There is a new warning category `file', enabled by default.  The `mso'
  request emits warnings in this category when the requested macro file does
  not exist.

o The new `class' request assigns a short name to a set of characters
  which can be referred to in the `cflags' request.  This is especially
  useful to control line-breaking and hyphenation rules in CJK languages.

o Three new values for the `cflags' request have been added, which are
  needed for proper CJK support.

    128  prohibit before but allow break after character
    256  prohibit after but allow break before character
    512  allow break before and after character


o A new global option `nowarn' suppresses warnings if tables are longer than
  the current line width.


o New option `-o' to specify the name of the output file.

Macro Packages

o A new macro `%U' has been added to the mdoc package to indicate a URL
  reference within an .Rs/.Re environment.

o Rudimentary support for the Japanese script has been added, most suitable
  for man page handling as output by grotty.  The file `ja.tmac' contains
  the necessary setup to allow line breaks before and after CJK characters
  (with proper exceptions).  Note, however, that no inter-character spacing
  is implemented yet -- this usually causes many warnings about bad line

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