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gvpe-2.24 has just been released

From: Marc Lehmann
Subject: gvpe-2.24 has just been released
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 05:54:16 +0100

gvpe-2.24 (the GNU Virtual Private Ethernet) has just been released.

It is mainly a minor cleanup/bugfix release - the most noteworthy bugfix
is fixing a longstanding bug where, after the right sequence of packet
losses, one node failed to establish a connection to another node until
the other node tried to communicate first.

This release also fixes a problem with the compression setting that caused
compression to be enabled "almost always".

On the feature side, you can now set an nfmark on outgoing packets, there
is support for a node-change script, in addition to node-up and node-down,
and DESTSI is available in all the scripts now.

Gvpe has moved it's wbe presence to,
which also describes how to access the CVS repository and other resources.

Releases cna be downlaoded from

The whole NEWS entry for this release is:

2.24 Sat Feb 12 05:15:48 CET 2011
        - protocol version 0.1, compatible with older releases.
        - due to a bug, when packets were lost, a connection could go into a
          state where a ping/connection request from another node would be
          ignored, leading to connections not being re-established.
        - due to a bug, compression was almost always enabled.
        - enable-max-mtu was actually enable-mtu, contrary to documentation.
        - add nfmark support.
        - add node-change script support.
        - new DESTSI variable for node-xxx scripts.
        - updated codingstyle a bit, declared truly static stuff as static.
        - clarify compression docs.

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