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Readline-6.2 available for FTP

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Readline-6.2 available for FTP
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 20:41:23 -0500

The first public release of the GNU Readline library, version 6.2,
is now available for FTP with the URLs

and from the usual GNU mirror sites.

This distribution is essentially a standalone version of the
readline library that appears in Bash-4.2 together with
an `autoconf' framework.  The documentation has been updated and
is current.  Postscript, DVI, and Info versions of the Readline
and History manuals are included.  A list of changes in this
release is appended to this announcement.

This release accompanies the simultaneous release of bash-4.2.
There are more improvements in the programming interface and new
user-visible variables and bindable commands.  In particular, the
full set of vi editing commands can now be used in callback mode.

GNU Readline is a library which provides programs with an input
facility including command-line editing and history.  Editing
commands similar to both emacs and vi are included.  The GNU
History library, which provides facilities for managing a list of
previously-typed command lines and an interactive command line
recall facility similar to that provided by csh, is also present.
The history library is built as part of the readline as well as

Please send readline bug reports to address@hidden

As always, thanks for your help.


+========== CHANGES ==========+
This document details the changes between this version, readline-6.2,
and the previous version, readline-6.1.

1.  Changes to Readline

a.  Fixed a bug that caused the unconverted filename to be added to the list of
    completions when the application specified filename conversion functions.

b.  Fixed a bug that caused the wrong filename to be passed to opendir when the
    application has specified a filename dequoting function.

c.  Fixed a bug when repeating a character search in vi mode in the case where
    there was no search to repeat.

d.  When show-all-if-ambiguous is set, the completion routines no longer insert
    a common match prefix that is shorter than the text being completed.

e.  The full set of vi editing commands may now be used in callback mode.

f.  Fixed a bug that caused readline to not update its idea of the terminal
    dimensions while running in `no-echo' mode.

h.  Fixed a bug that caused readline to dump core if an application called
    rl_prep_terminal without setting rl_instream.

i.  Fixed a bug that caused meta-prefixed characters bound to incremental
    search forward or backward to not be recognized if they were typed

j.  The incremental search code treats key sequences that map to the same
    functions as (default) ^G, ^W, and ^Y as equivalent to those characters.

k.  Fixed a bug in menu-complete that caused it to misbehave with large
    negative argument.

l.  Fixed a bug that caused vi-mode yank-last-arg to ring the bell when invoked
    at the end of the line.

m.  Fixed a bug that made an explicit argument of 0 to yank-last-arg behave
    as if it were a negative argument.

n.  Fixed a bug that caused directory names in words to be completed to not
    be dequoted correctly.

2.  New Features in Readline

a.  The history library does not try to write the history filename in the
    current directory if $HOME is unset.  This closes a potential security
    problem if the application does not specify a history filename.

b.  New bindable variable `completion-display-width' to set the number of
    columns used when displaying completions.

c.  New bindable variable `completion-case-map' to cause case-insensitive
    completion to treat `-' and `_' as identical.

d.  There are new bindable vi-mode command names to avoid readline's case-
    insensitive matching not allowing them to be bound separately.

e.  New bindable variable `menu-complete-display-prefix' causes the menu
    completion code to display the common prefix of the possible completions
    before cycling through the list, instead of after.

``The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne.'' - Chaucer
                 ``Ars longa, vita brevis'' - Hippocrates
Chet Ramey, ITS, CWRU    address@hidden

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