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New stable release: GNU Solfege 3.20.0

From: Tom Cato Amundsen
Subject: New stable release: GNU Solfege 3.20.0
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 00:46:28 +0200

GNU Solfege 3.20.0
Solfege is free music education software. Use it to train your rhythm,
interval, scale and chord skills. It is free software and runs on
GNU/Linux, MS Windows 2000 and newer, Max OS X with some effort,
and possibly other operating systems with the required tools. It should
run wherever you can run Python 2.5, Gtk+ 2.12, PyGtk 2.12.

Bug tracker:

Improvements and changes:

* New exercise modules: rhythmdictation and rhythmdictation2
* New middle layer code in the mpd module. The parser now generates
objects from the mpd.elems module. This API is also used by the rhythm
editor widget.
* Initial ALSA sequencer support. Added a tool (available on the Help
menu) that downloads and compiles ALSA drivers.
* identifybpm: play rhythms with the normal mpd API instead of
* singinterval: select violin or bass clef depending on the pitch of
the highest and lowest tone.
* the config window is built with a gtk.TreeView instead of a
gtk.Notebok, and interval input accels are now configurable
* added some missing interval exercise configurations and reorder the
sections making them uniform.
* Change FlashBar to handle labelobjects
* `0install </zeroinstall/solfege.xml>`_ package for Linux
* Timidity is the default midi player on linux.

Bug fixes:

* front page editor: escape titles and file names in saved files, so
that ', " and  \ are handled correctly.
* Fix rnc so that it works with the sharp symbol, and the unicode
version of both flat and sharp.
* Make sure the optimisation for very large front page files are used.
This is required for very large files, like the Bach choral package.
* solfege_c_midimodule: don't link libm unless we also link agains
librfftw and libffrw
* Don't rebuild generated music theory images if skipmanual=yes (bug #222)
* midifilesynth: filter out duplicate %s in the midi player args.
Duplicate %s would make the music play twice.
* Fix the Rhythm music object class so that it uses the percussion
instruments selected in the preferences window, as the user manual say
it should.
* RhythmDictation2Lessonfile: fix it so that it uses the percussion
instruments selected in the preferences window.
* don't crash on unicode BOM in lesson files.
* bug fixes to the instrument selection code in the preferences window.
* Use different API querying the screen resolution to avoid segfaul on
debian lenny.
* Make elembuilder handle questions where the answer is only one
element. Fixed by Andre Maute
* statistics: handle the deletion of the tests table correctly.
* win32: fix importing of old format front page files.
* Lots of other small fixes.


* Look in "My documents/GNU Solfege/exercises" for the users front pages files.
* The windows installer is done with gtk+-bundle now, and it has SVG
support now.

Tom Cato Amundsen <address@hidden>       
GNU Solfege - free ear training

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