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GNU AutoGen Version 5.14/AutoOpts Version 36.1

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: GNU AutoGen Version 5.14/AutoOpts Version 36.1
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 12:47:19 -0800
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GNU AutoGen/AutoOpts is a two-part project that serves two separate
purposes.  The two parts are combined because they are inextricably

AutoGen is a tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of
programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text.  It is
especially valuable in programs that have several blocks of text that
must be kept synchronized.

AutoOpts is both an example of that and a project in its own right.
It is a very powerful configuration file, environment variable and
command line option documentation and management tool consisting of a
set of AutoGen templates and a run time library that nearly eliminates
the hassle of managing, parsing and documenting program options.

The self-referential example:

New in 5.14 - December 29, 2011

Here are the 'NEWS' entries since the last release

* getopt support has been improved.  Developers using generated code
  that called that function had to arrange for the autoopts/option.h
  header to be available.  That text is now inserted into the code.

* dependency tracking improvements.  renaming an output file confused
  the code and licensing files were not listed.

* libopts did not provide the full executable path name in pzProgPath
  if it was not supplied in argv[0].  "pathfind(3GEN)" is now used
  in that case.

* makefile-script function will now honor the "then", "else" and "in"
  keywords appearing at the end of a line.  "makefile-script" splices
  lines together with a semi-colon and a backslash, add a leading tab
  to each line and double dollar sign characters, basically turning
  semi-ordinary shell scripts into scripts suitable for use with make.
  In the case of these keywords and certain operators, the semi-colon
  is now omitted.

  Additionally, it produces text that can be post-processed at
  configure time in that it will leave alone any lines starting with
  "@ifdef", "@ifndef", "@else" and "@endif".  See the second argument
  to the AC_CONFIG_FILES() autoconf macro for details.

AutoGen home:
primary ftp:
bug reports:     autogen-users at the lists dot SourceForge net domain
bug archive:
maintainer:      Bruce Korb - bkorb at the usual GNU domain

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