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inetutils 1.9 new years release!

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: inetutils 1.9 new years release!
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 10:51:21 -0500

The GNU inetutils team is proud to present version 1.9 of the GNU
network utilities suite.  The GNU network utilities suite provides the
following tools: ftp(d), hostname, ifconfig, inetd, logger, ping, rcp,
rexec(d), rlogin(d), rsh(d), syslogd, talk(d), telnet(d), tftp(d),
traceroute, uucpd, and whois.

Special thanks go to Mats Erik Anderson for doing such an excellent

The following things are new in this release (please see the NEWS file
for all the details):

* Security fixes

This release fixes a security flaw in telnetd that could lead to
remote access.

* Solaris is now a supported platform

Support is still new, so please report any bugs to

* Many OpenBSD fixes.

Many problems on OpenBSD have been fixed.

* ftp, tftp, tftpd

Handle IPv6 connections.  ftpd is still IPv4-only until next release.

* syslogd, logger

Handle IPv6 connections.  The server can forward messages without
using a listening INET socket.  It can also bind to a single
INET/INET6 address.

* rlogind, rshd

This legacy code was vulnerable to an attack based on source routing.
Whenever either of IPOPT_SSRR or IPOPT_LSRR is encountered, the newly
initiated connection is now server-side aborted.  The advisory issued
by Secure Networks, Inc., February 1997, was adapted.  It was found at

* ifconfig

Now under GNU/Linux `ifconfig -a' shows also interfaces without an

Adjusted output formating for "unix".

* ping

Now supports `-W' parameter to specify number of seconds to wait for

* Various bugs fixes, internal improvements and clean ups.

Please send bug reports to <address@hidden>.

Here are the compressed sources:

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