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Automake 1.11.4 released

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Automake 1.11.4 released
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2012 14:25:33 +0200

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We are pleased to announce the Automake 1.11.4 maintenance release.

This is mostly a bugfix release, fixing few recent and long-standing

It also contains minor enhancements to the 'ar-lib' and 'compile' script
(thanks to Peter Rosin), and adds support for automatic dependency tracking
with the IBM XL C/C++ compiler (thanks to Michael Hofmann) and the Tiny C
Compiler (thanks to prodding by Vincent Lefevre, see automake bug#11007).

The most important change is surely the fact that the install rules do not
create an empty '$(foodir)' directory anymore when an empty "foo_PRIMARY"
is declared (conditionally or unconditionally) in  See automake
bugs #11030 and #10997:


See below for the detailed list of changes since Automake 1.11.3, as
summarized by the NEWS file.

Download here:

Please report bugs and problems to <address@hidden>, and send
general comments and feedback to <address@hidden>.

Thanks to everyone who has reported problems, contributed patches,
and helped testing Automake!

- -*-*-

New in 1.11.4:

* Miscellaneous changes:

  - The 'ar-lib' script now ignores the "s" (symbol index) and "S" (no
    symbol index) modifiers as well as the "s" action, as the symbol index
    is created unconditionally by Microsoft lib.  Also, the "q" (quick)
    action is now a synonym for "r" (replace).  Also, the script has been
    ignoring the "v" (verbose) modifier already since Automake 1.11.3.

  - When the 'compile' script is used to wrap MSVC, it now accepts an
    optional space between the -I, -L and -l options and their respective
    arguments, for better POSIX compliance.

  - Automatic dependency tracking now works also with the IBM XL C/C++
    compilers, thanks to the new new depmode 'xlc'.

  - There is an initial, experimental support for automatic dependency
    tracking with tcc (the Tiny C Compiler).  Its associated depmode is
    currently recognized as "icc" (but this and other details are likely
    to change in future versions).

Bugs fixed in 1.11.4:

* Bugs introduced by 1.11.2:

  - A definition of 'noinst_PYTHON' before 'python_PYTHON' (or similar)
    don't cause spurious failures upon "make install" anymore.

  - The user can now instruct the 'uninstall-info' rule not to update
    the '${infodir}/dir' file by exporting the environment variable
    'AM_UPDATE_INFO_DIR' to the value "no".  This is done for consistency
    with how the 'install-info' rule operates since automake 1.11.2.

* Long-standing bugs:

  - It is now possible for a foo_SOURCES variable to hold Vala sources
    together with C header files, as well as with sources and headers for
    other supported languages (e.g., C++).  Previously, only mixing C and
    Vala sources was supported.

  - If "aclocal --install" is used, and the first directory specified with
    '-I' is non-existent, aclocal will now create it before trying to copy
    files in it.

  - An empty declaration of a "foo_PRIMARY" don't cause anymore the
    generated install rules to create an empty $(foodir) directory;
    for example, if contains something like:

      pkglibexec_SCRIPTS =
      if FALSE
      pkglibexec_SCRIPTS +=

    the $(pkglibexec) directory will not be created upon "make install".
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