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GNU Enscript 1.6.6 released

From: Tim Retout
Subject: GNU Enscript 1.6.6 released
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 20:43:24 +0100

I am pleased to announce the release of GNU Enscript 1.6.6.

GNU Enscript converts ASCII files to PostScript, HTML, or RTF and stores generated output to a file or sends it directly to the printer. It includes features for `pretty-printing' (language-sensitive code highlighting) in several programming languages.

For more information, see the Enscript web page at:

Download the latest tarballs from:

Or see the GNU mirror list at - note that will automatically redirect to a nearby mirror.

Summary of changes in enscript version 1.6.6:

* Add afm/MustRead.html, containing licensing information for Adobe
  AFM files.  (Savannah bug #35883)

* Sync all translations from the Translation Project.  Please visit to help translate Enscript!

* Add documented but missing '-w' option as an alias for '--language'.
  (Savannah bug #30651)

* Apply sliceprint patch from Debian. (Savannah bug #31259)

Tim Retout <address@hidden>

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