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GNU Cursynth 1.5 Released

From: Matthew Tytel
Subject: GNU Cursynth 1.5 Released
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 19:41:59 -0700

This is the second release of Cursynth, v1.5 - a musical
GNU synthesizer.

Cursynth 1.5 mainly fixes a number of audio problems while running
with JACK. Wanted to get a fix out there for all those JACK users. :)

1.5 also adds some command line arguments to change the
preferred buffer size (-b), preferred sample rate (-s) and for viewing
the version (-V). 

Cursynth is a polyphonic music synthesizer that runs graphically
inside your terminal using the ncurses library. It runs as a standalone
soft-synth that you can play with your computer keyboard and MIDI

You can read all about it at the GNU Cursynth page:

Download the source tar ball to build it if you like:

Or browse the source repository:

And if you'd like to help out :)
We're specifically looking for contribution in these areas:
 - Patch (preset) creation
 - Developing a LV2 plugin version of Cursynth
 - Adding audio and signal processing features
 - Making improvements to the Ascii interface using ncurses
 - Packaging it up!

Cursynth is a GNU package, part of the GNU Project.  If you have
a useful program, either working or in development, you can offer to
make it a GNU package too.  Your work will contribute to GNU, and
the GNU Project can provide infrastructure and help to spread
awareness of your project.  If you would like to contribute
software, see


Matt Tytel

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