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Denemo 1.2.0 Release

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Denemo 1.2.0 Release
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 10:32:22 +0000

Denemo version 1.2.0 has been released.

Denemo is a program for inputting music notation.
The music is displayed as music notation while typing or playing in and
simultaneously it can be typeset via LilyPond. It can also be played via
internal synthesizer. Demo videos are at 

New features in this version:
        Palette Shortcuts
            Execute Palette Commands from Keyboard
            Label is typed in
            Label truncation allowed
            Switch active palette
            Works even on hidden palettes
        Automatic Cues
            Install Reference to Cued Part
            Automatically detects difference in clef
            Changes are automatically reflected in cue
        Fret Diagrams
            Can be placed in any score
            Can be embedded in text
            Can be re-positioned by dragging
        Accidental Styles
            16 styles available
            Apply across entire score
        Lyrics Improvements
            Choose Font Face
            Choose Font Size
        Chord Chart Improvements
            Interface for Customized Chord Symbols
            Page size and measures per line control
            One-off arbitrary chord symbol creation
            Tailored shortcuts for fast keyboard entry.
        MIDI information on double-click
            Timing information
            Volume (velocity) information.
        Default Font Faces
            Choose from system installed fonts
            Titles, Lyrics etc
            Chord Names and other sans serif text
            Mono-spaced font
        General Improvements
            More checks for user errors
            Better flow of notes into new measures.

Known issues for this release:

Here are the compressed sources (from a mirror) :

    If automatic redirection fails, the list of mirrors is at:

    Or if need be you can use the main GNU ftp server:

Richard Shann

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