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GNU RCS 5.9.4 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: GNU RCS 5.9.4 available
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 13:24:00 +0100

release notes:

  A small portability fix, thanks to Christian Wagner.
  Doc improvements.


README excerpt:

  GNU RCS (Revision Control System) manages multiple revisions of files.
  RCS can store, retrieve, log, identify, and merge revisions.
  It is useful for files that are revised frequently, e.g.,
  programs, documentation, graphics, and papers.

NEWS for 5.9.4 (2015-01-22):

  - portability fix in "make check" for OSX

    We now avoid ‘head -N’, where N is a number, since that
    construct is not portable.  See:

  - doc improvements

    - index ‘rcs -o’ better

      It seems the term "outdate" is itself outdated, nowadays (sigh).
      This command is now indexed under "deleting" and "removing", as
      well as "outdating".

    - move address@hidden before address@hidden in tables

      The tables of substitution mode options and common options are
      now indexed such that selecting the indexed item in Emacs leaves
      point on the item's line and not the one after.

    - new index entries

      For concepts (locking, implicit checkout, branching-related
      stuff) and keywords.

    - introspective stuff moved into chapter "Hacking"

      These former chapters have been moved into chapter "Hacking":
      "File format", "Still missing", "Reporting bugs".  As a nice
      side-effect, the table of contents of the PDF now is one page.

    - ‘RCS_MEM_LIMIT’ on manpages updated

      RCS 5.9.2 (released 2013-11-28) changed how ‘RCS_MEM_LIMIT’
      works.  The Texinfo docs were updated but not the manpages.

  - maintenance tools


     GNU Automake 1.15
     GNU gnulib 2015-01-20 09:09:03
     GNU texinfo 5.2

    as before:

     GNU Autoconf 2.69

tarballs and detached signatures:

source code:


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