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Release of version 1.3 of complexity

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Release of version 1.3 of complexity
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2015 09:11:14 -0700
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GNU complexity computes a complexity measure of C source code.
For the most part, it is very similar to pmccabe results.
The difference is that code length adds linearly to the
score and logic nesting adds geometrically to the score.
Short functions tend to score lower than pmccabe and highly
nested functionality can score considerably higher.
The weighting for length and nesting levels can be adjusted.

Complexity also understands C syntax a little better,
but still overweights complex initializer expressions.

New in 1.3 - October 2015
* src/complexity.c: explicitly include headers that are needed but
  usually included by config.h.
  (die): It is claimed that va_start() may expand to unbalanced
  opening braces, so add va_end().  This is not true, but added
  va_end() for balance anyway.
* doc/ add "" to EXTRA_DIST
* incorporate a spelling fix from autogen

complexity home:
primary ftp:
bug reports:     bkorb at the usual GNU domain
bug archive:
maintainer:      Bruce Korb - bkorb at the usual GNU domain

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