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First release of gnuspeech project software

From: David Hill
Subject: First release of gnuspeech project software
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 18:41:22 -0700

gnuspeech-0.9 and gnuspeechsa-0.1.5  first official release

Gnuspeech is new approach to synthetic speech as well as a speech research tool. It comprises a true articulatory model of the vocal tract, databases and rules for parameter composition, a 70,000 word plus pronouncing dictionary, a letter-to-sound fall-back module, and models of English rhythm and intonation, all based on extensive research that sets a new standard for synthetic speech, and computer-based speech research.

There are two main components in this first official release. For those who would simply like speech output from whatever system they are using, including incorporating speech output in their applications, there is the gnuspeechsa tarball (currently 0.1.5), a cross-platform speech synthesis application, compiled using CMake.

For those interested in an interactive system that gives access to the underlying algorithms and databases involved, providing an understanding of the mechanisms, databases, and output forms involved, as well as a tool for experiment and new language creation, there is the gnuspeech tarball (currently 0.9) that embodies several sub-apps, including the interactive database creation system Monet (My Own Nifty Editing Tool), and TRAcT (the Tube Resonance Access Tool) -- a GUI interface to the tube resonance model used in gnuspeech, that emulates the human vocal tract and provides the basis for an accurate rendition of human speech. 

This second tarball includes full manuals on both Monet and TRAcT. The Monet manual covers the compilation and installation of gnuspeechsa on a Macintosh under OS X 10.10.x, and references the related free software that allows the speech to be incorporated in applications. Appendix D of the Monet manual provides some additional information about gnuspeechsa and associated software that is available, and details how to compile it using CMake on the Macintosh under 10.10.x (Yosemite).

The digitally signed tarballs may be accessed at

There is a list of mirrors at and the site will redirect to a nearby mirror

A longer project description and credits may be found at: which is also linked to a brief (four page) project history/component description, and a paper on the Tube Resonance Model by Leonard Manzara.

Signed: David R Hill
Twitter: @t33guy
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