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LibreJS 6.0.13 released

From: Nik Nyby
Subject: LibreJS 6.0.13 released
Date: Wed, 4 May 2016 21:31:18 -0400
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There's a new version of LibreJS - version 6.0.13.

LibreJS is a Mozilla add-on that prevents nonfree JavaScript programs
from running in your web browser.

Originally this release was going to be 6.0.11, but I had some trouble
registering this add-on with Mozilla which required me to increment
the version to 6.0.13.

Here's the changes since 6.0.10:
    * Added Unlicense to the list of recognized licenses. Thanks
    to Adam Plaice for the patch.

    * Added some library whitelist updates from James Kruth.

    * William Cummings pointed out a piece of code that was using
    non-standard syntax that might not be supported in the future.
    I've re-written this to use more standard syntax.

    * Fixed a problem where the LibreJS icon wasn't displaying in
    the add-ons view.

This project's website is here:

The source files are here:  (462K)

And here's the xpi package you can install in your browser:  (601K)

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