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GNU Scientific Library 2.3 released

From: Patrick Alken
Subject: GNU Scientific Library 2.3 released
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2016 10:11:18 -0700
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Version 2.3 of the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is now available. GSL provides a large collection of routines for numerical computing in C.

This release introduces some new features and fixes several bugs. The full NEWS file entry is appended below.

The file details for this release are:

The GSL project homepage is

GSL is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and contributed improvements.

Patrick Alken


* What is new in gsl-2.3:

** bug fix in documentation for gsl_linalg_LU_refine (bug #49728, Joey De Pauw)

** added gsl_multifit_linear_tsvd and gsl_multifit_wlinear_tsvd to give user more control over cutoff for truncated SVD

** added routines for Generalized Cross Validation for regularized linear least squares

** improved rstat example program and added documentation for gsl_rstat_sd_mean (Jonathan Leto)

** added function gsl_multifit_linear_rank

** bug fix in nonlinear least squares when using data weights with finite-difference Jacobian

** add 2D subspace method for large systems (multilarge_nlinear)

** bug fix in gsl_ran_beta for small parameters  (bug #47646, Yu Liu)

** bug fix in gsl_complex_tan for negative imaginary arguments (bug #47347, Yu Liu)

** doc bug fix: value of golden ratio

** fixed scaling issue in 2D subspace nonlinear least squares method

** optimize dogleg methods to calculate Gauss-Newton point only when needed

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