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Unifont 9.0.06 Released

From: Paul Hardy
Subject: Unifont 9.0.06 Released
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2016 08:23:10 -0800

GNU Unifont 9.0.06 has been released and is stable.

Unifont is a bitmap font in BDF and PCF formats, also rendered as
a TrueType font.  You can read more about it at

Those who want to use the font immediately can download these three
TrueType files:

- unifont-9.0.06.ttf - contains glyphs for all printable characters
(code points) in the Unicode 9.0.0 Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP)

- unifont_upper-9.0.06.ttf - contains glyphs for many Unicode scripts
above the BMP, mainly in the Supplemental Multilingual Plane (SMP);
all SMP scripts that are easily represented (and a couple not so
easily represented!) in a 16-by-16 pixel grid up to and including the
Unicode 9.0.0 SMP are included in this release

- unifont_csur-9.0.06.ttf - contains glyphs from the ConScript Unicode
Regsitry (CSUR); these are not a part of the official Unicode
specification, but are one popular mapping for the Unicode Private Use

Files can be downloaded at:

- (which will
   automatically redirect to a mirror site), or at


The major changes in this release include revised upper- and lower-case
Cherokee glyphs, and revised Pikto CSUR glyphs.  The Pikto glyphs can be
considered stable at this point.  A full list of changes appears in the
ChangeLog file in the main tarball, unifont-9.0.06.tar.gz.

The Unifont tarball also contains tools for manipulating these font files.


Paul Hardy
GNU Unifont Maintainer

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