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GNU gradebook 0.92

From: Norbert de Jonge
Subject: GNU gradebook 0.92
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 19:03:21 +0100

Hi all,

I have released version 0.92 of Ggradebook, the GNU gradebook.

Most likely you are unfamiliar with this application.
It had its last release more than 16 years ago. :)

Most of the work involved migrating from GTK+ 1.2 to GTK+ 3.18.
The functionality of the application is virtually unchanged.
(I suggest using kdiff3 to look at source code changes, not meld.)

Please update the GNU website (and Savannah).

There are three things I'll be looking into next. For two of those
things - #2 and #3 below - I hereby request assistance.

#1 There is a known printing bug: printing stops after the first page.
This is related to the GtkPrintOperation code. I'll ask for assistance
on the GTK+ mailing list myself.

#2 The package lacks autoconf/automake files. It currently uses a
simple Makefile. Hopefully a fellow GNU volunteer can help me with this.
I would like the process to warn the user if GTK+ or GStreamer versions
do not (exactly) match those targeted - as the current Makefile is
doing - and, if possible, I hope the root directory can remain empty.
(Without aclocal.m4,, missing, mkinstalldirs, and so on.)
To prevent clutter.

#3 The package manual will also need to be updated to reflect various
changes. It was last modified in 2001. If someone could take a look at
the current manual and give me some general pointers, such as how to
best generate info/html from texi. I should be able to update its
contents myself; just want to make sure I won't overlook important
procedural rules and regulations related to documentation. Things may
have changed during the last decade.


Best regards,
Norbert de Jonge

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