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GCC 7.1 Released

From: Jakub Jelinek
Subject: GCC 7.1 Released
Date: Tue, 2 May 2017 17:58:13 +0200
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We are proud to announce the next, major release of the
GNU Compiler Collection, 7.1.  This year we celebrated the 30th
anniversary of the first GCC beta release and this month
we will celebrate 30 years since the GCC 1.0 release.

GCC 7.1 is a major release containing substantial new
functionality not available in GCC 6.x or previous GCC releases.

The C++ frontend now has experimental support for all of the current C++17
draft, with the -std=c++1z and -std=gnu++1z options, and the libstdc++
library has most of the C++17 draft library features implemented too.

This releases features various improvements in the emitted diagnostics,
including improved locations, location ranges, suggestions for misspelled
identifiers, option names, fix-it hints and various new warnings
have been added.

The optimizers have been improved, with improvements appearing in all of
intra- and inter-procedural optimizations, link time optimizations and
various target backends, including, but not limited to, additions of store
merging pass, code hoisting optimization, loop splitting, and
shrink wrapping improvements.

The Address Sanitizer can now report uses of variables after leaving their
scope.  GCC now can be configured for OpenMP 4.5 offloading to NVidia PTX

Some code that compiled successfully with older GCC versions might require
some code adjustments, see for


for more information about changes in GCC 7.1.

This release is available from the FTP servers listed here:

The release is in gcc/gcc-7.1.0/ subdirectory.

If you encounter difficulties using GCC 7.1, please do not contact me
directly.  Instead, please visit for information
about getting help.

Driving a leading free software project such as GNU Compiler Collection
would not be possible without support from its many contributors.
Not to only mention its developers but especially its regular testers
and users which contribute to its high quality.  The list of individuals
is too large to thank individually!

Please consider a donation to the GNU Toolchain Fund to support the
continued development of GCC!

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