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Unifont 10.0.04 Released

From: Paul Hardy
Subject: Unifont 10.0.04 Released
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2017 10:02:56 -0700

Unifont 10.0.04 is now available.  This is a significant release that
introduces numerous improvements.

Unifont provides fonts with a glyph for each printable code point in
the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane, as well as wide coverage of the
Supplemental Multilingual Plane and some ConScript Unicode Registry

The Unifont package includes TrueType fonts for all of these ranges,
and BDF and PCF fonts for the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane.  There
is also a specialized PSF font for using GNU APL in console mode on
GNU/Linux systems.

The web page for this project is

You can download the latest version from GNU mirror sites, accessible
at  If the mirror
site does not contain this latest version, you can download files
directly from GNU at

Highlights of this version:

- Added "-P" flag to the unifontpic utility to specify the Unicode
plane.  This allows creating code charts for glyphs above Plane 0.
The Unicode plane is now added to the chart title.  This works
properly for the wide and the long chart versions, with the letters in
the long version's chart title now single-spaced.

- Received double-width Chinese ideographs to replace the
quadruple-width glyphs for Church Slavonic transliteration that were
released in Unifont 10.0.01.  This allows a return to PNG charts of
Unifont glyphs.  PNG files are smaller than the BMP version but the
PNG Unifont utilities have not been modified to handle quadruple-width
glyphs, whereas the BMP utilities have been.  The 18 quadruple-width
Chinese glyphs are preserved in font/plane00/alt/quad-width.hex to
allow future experimentation.

- The PNG charts of Unicode Plane 1 (Supplemental Multilingual Plane)
glyphs now use the unifont_sample version of Unifont ".hex" files, so
that combining circles appear.  This was already being done for
Unicode Plane 0 and will look better in font sample pages.

- Added new x-offset field to all *-combining.txt files to provide
proper rendering of Unicode double diacritic marks; they should span
across the preceding character and the following character.  Added
support for this in hex2sfd for FontForge generation of TrueType
fonts.  Also added support for this to the unigencircles utility, so
the combining circle of a double diacritic is printed correctly in the
left half of the glyph just as they are in the Unicode Consortium's
code charts, rather than being centered.  Several applications are not
rendering these double diacritic marks correctly; releasing this
version of Unifont will allow validation of the new Unifont TrueType
build, and could provide a test font for implementing these specialty
Unicode characters in other applications.

- Redrew Musical Symbols Ornaments (U+01D194..U+01D1A5) so they join
together when used as a consecutive string of characters.  Adjusted
the Byzantine Musical Symbols "ano", "meso", and "kato" glyph versions
for high, middle, and low vertical placement, respectively.

- Made numerous adjustments to many glyphs as noted in the ChangeLog
file, including re-coding some "subjoiner" glyphs as combining
characters instead of as non-printing.  Those glyphs now render a
virama (halant) sign if a script contains such a sign, or a "+"
subscript sign otherwise.


Paul Hardy
GNU Unifont Maintainer

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