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[ANNOUNCE] nano-2.9.2 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.9.2 is released
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2018 16:29:26 +0100
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2018.01.02 - GNU nano 2.9.2 "Pussy Riot" correctly displays the Modified
                state when undoing/redoing (also when the file was saved
                somewhere midway), improves the undoing of an automatic
                linefeed at EOF, fixes a build issue on the BSDs, shows
                the cursor again when compiled with --withslang, renames
                the option 'justifytrim' to 'trimblanks' because it will
                now snip trailing whitespace also while you are typing
                (and hard-wrapping is enabled), continues pushing words
                to the next line much longer (when hard-wrapping), makes
                <Tab> and <Shift+Tab> indent and unindent a marked region,
                allows unindenting when not all lines are indented, lets a
                region marked with Shift persist when indenting/unindenting
                or commenting/uncommenting it, and in those cases excludes
                the last line of the region when it is not visibly marked
                (which makes for a more intuitive behavior).

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific bugs that were fixed in this release:  (trimming of tail spaces [request])  (undoing added magic lines)  (build failure on macOS Sierra)  (too quickly created a new wrapline)  (missing cursor when using Slang)  (arrow keys failed with --rebindkeypad)  (Modified state not shown correctly)  (prompt bar not getting wiped)

Nano has complete translations for the following thirteen languages
(the language name is followed by the name of the last translator):

  Croat       -- Božidar Putanec
  Dutch       -- Benno Schulenberg
  Esperanto   -- Benno Schulenberg
  French      -- Jean-Philippe Guérard
  German      -- Mario Blättermann
  Irish       -- Kevin Scannell
  Japanese    -- Takeshi Hamasaki
  Portuguese  -- Rafael Fontenelle  (Brazil)
  Romanian    -- Mihai Cristescu
  Spanish     -- Antonio Ceballos
  Turkish     -- Mehmet Kececi
  Ukrainian   -- Yuri Chornoivan
  Vietnamese  -- Trần Ngọc Quân

Changes between v2.9.1 and v2.9.2:

Benjamin Mintz (1):
      syntax: python: add 'async', 'await', and 'nonlocal' as keywords

Liu Hao (1):
      syntax: c: increase the color contrast of reminders like FIXME

Michael Francis (1):
      syntax: php: function and variable names can contain uppercase and digits

Mike Frysinger (1):
      syntax: javascript: add newer keywords and string syntax

Tom Levy (6):
      syntax: go: fix word boundary before dot in number literal
      syntax: go: sign of exponent in number literal is optional
      syntax: lua: add new and missing standard library functions
      syntax: lua: correct the word boundaries on standard library functions
      syntax: lua: require at least one digit for hexadecimal numbers
      syntax: lua: support fractional part and exponent for decimal and hex

David Lawrence Ramsey (3):
      input: support backtab when Slang and/or --rebindkeypad is used
      tweaks: use printf's z modifier for (s)size_t, instead of casting
      undo: when adding text adds a magicline, an undo should remove both

Benno Schulenberg (63):
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 2.9.2 release
      display: ensure that cursor is visible when compiled with --with-slang
      docs: mention that the source code is best viewed with a tab size of 4
      docs: say thanks to some fairly recent translators, and rename one
      gnulib: pull in the fix for the missing stat include
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      help: show that "Tab" will indent, just like "Sh-Tab" will unindent
      help: swap the order of the Complete and Comment functions
      indenting: don't exclude last line of region when region is empty
      indenting: keep affecting last line of marked region if it was at first
      input: allow using <Tab> and <Shift+Tab> to (un)indent selected region
      input: make <Ctrl+Shift+Arrow> work also when using --rebindkeypad
      input: optimize a bit for non-shortcut keys, as they are most frequent
      options: rename 'justifytrim' to 'trimblanks', because it has morphed
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      prompt: blank the bar when a "continue?" is answered with No or ^C
      syntaxes: remove redundant word-boundary markers
      syntax: javascript: add some comments, and color explicit numbers too
      syntax: javascript: add some keywords, and sort them more logically
      syntax: javascript: color strings differently from major keywords
      syntax: javascript: require that a comment is preceded by whitespace
      syntax: lua: condense some regexes, tweak comments, reorder things
      syntax: nanorc: don't color parts of valid strings as if invalid
      syntax: python: color also the special values 'False', 'None', 'True'
      text: allow unindenting when not all lines are indented
      text: keep cursor at left edge when it IS there when indenting/commenting
      text: let a Shift-selection persist when indenting and commenting
      text: let indenting/commenting skip the last line if its x is zero
      text: set and reset the Modified state correctly when undoing/redoing
      tweaks: add a separate function that actually wipes the status bar
      tweaks: avoid incrementing a variable that won't be used again later
      tweaks: condense or rewrap a bunch of repetitious comments
      tweaks: condense, reword, and rewrap a bunch of comments
      tweaks: condense some debugging code, and rewrap a line
      tweaks: convert the indentation of the NEWS file too
      tweaks: convert the indentation to use only tabs
      tweaks: drop some old debugging code plus a superfluous comment
      tweaks: elide two parameters from the get_region() function
      tweaks: elide two variables that are used just once
      tweaks: factor out a piece of common code
      tweaks: fix some whitespace errors, and convert alignment tabs to spaces
      tweaks: fold some regexes into one another, for conciseness
      tweaks: frob four comments, and rewrap two lines
      tweaks: invert the logic of a variable, and rename it
      tweaks: limit the resetting of "Modified" to writing a full buffer
      tweaks: move some frequently-used keystrokes to the top of the list
      tweaks: remove a redundant call of renumber()
      tweaks: remove a superfluous condition
      tweaks: remove a superfluous placing of a terminating nul byte
      tweaks: remove some unneeded parentheses, and shorten two function calls
      tweaks: remove two irrelevant conditions
      tweaks: rename three variables, for more contrast and variety
      tweaks: reshuffle a bit of common code, moving it to an existing function
      tweaks: reshuffle another bit of code, for conciseness
      tweaks: rewrap some lines and some comments, and trim two others
      tweaks: slightly rename four functions, for aptness and variety
      tweaks: strip some debugging stuff, and condense a bit of code
      tweaks: trim another placing of a terminating nul byte
      tweaks: use for git the more faithful "less -x1,5" suggested by Brand
      tweaks: use spaces for alignment also in the THANKS file
      wrapping: delete trailing blanks upon hardwrapping, when requested
      wrapping: keep prepending to the same next line as long as possible
      wrapping: we're still on the same line if the next line has not changed



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