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[ANNOUNCE] nano-2.9.3 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.9.3 is released
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2018 10:28:08 +0100
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2018.01.29 - GNU nano 2.9.3 "Córdoba" fixes a segfault with trimblanks
             that could occur when a typed space caused the word after
             it to be pushed to the next line.  It further makes macros
             work also when your keyboard still emits escape sequences,
             adds the options -M and --trimblanks for the command line,
             recognizes key combos with Shift on a few more terminals,
             no longer shows dots in certain prompt texts when visible
             witespace is turned on, fixes two corner cases when doing
             replacements in a marked region, allows to open a named
             pipe again when using --noread, and accurately detects
             a needed color change when a line contains a start match
             but not a corresponding end match any more.  Plus some
             other small fry.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific bugs that were fixed in this release:  (queued commands were not executed)  (tip of region was excluded by replace)  (replacing did not start at tip)  (specific configuration did not compile)  (wrong three digits did not reset state)  (certain nanorc errors got misreported)  (opening a named pipe was not allowed)  (a needed color change went undetected)  (configure passed over missing curses.h)  (<Shift+Tab> did not work on Manjaro)  (trimblanks could crash after <Space>)  (<Shift+PageUp> unknown when using -K)  (visible whitespace in some prompts)  (<Ctrl+End> did not work on urxvt)  (status bar not cleared on NetBSD)

Nano has complete translations (or nearly so) for five more languages
(the language name is followed by the name of the last translator):

  Catalan     -- Jordi Mallach
  Hungarian   -- Balázs Úr
  Italian     -- Marco Colombo
  Norwegian   -- Johnny A. Solbu  (Bokmaal)
  Portuguese  -- Pedro Albuquerque  (Portugal)

Changes between v2.9.2 and v2.9.3:

Brand Huntsman (1):
      startup: parse interface colors when they are read, not when initialized

Benno Schulenberg (67):
      build: fix compilation when configured with --enable-{tiny,color,nanorc}
      build: fix compilation with --enable-tiny --enable-justify
      build: fix the source URL in the spec file
      build: let ./configure fail (not just warn) when curses.h is missing
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 2.9.3 release
      copyright: update the years for the FSF
      display: wipe the status bar when doing a total refresh
      docs: remove the note about needing a recent ncurses for macros to work
      docs: update the FAQ for the changed default location of history files
      docs: update the TODO file to the current state of affairs
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      help: don't get stuck when there is an unwrappable piece of text
      input: consume only the actual length of an escape sequence
      input: fully reset state when a three-digit character code is cut short
      input: make <Shift+Tab> do an unindent also on a Manjaro console
      input: recognize escape sequences for <Shift+PageUp> and <Shift+PageDown>
      input: recognize more escape sequences for <Shift+Home> and <Shift+End>
      input: recognize the deviant keycode for <Ctrl+End> in urxvt
      options: recognize -M and --trimblanks on the command line
      painting: look for an end match only after a start match, if any
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      prompt: show whitespace only in the filename, not in the whole line
      replacing: don't skip the first character of a backwards-marked region
      search: suppress the occurrence at the cursor only when replacing
      startup: allow a named pipe as file argument when --noread is used
      startup: make an error message succinct and to the point
      startup: move the initialization of colors, so any error gets printed
      syntax: go: colorize only valid octal numbers
      syntax: lua: do not color debug.setinfo as it doesn't exist
      syntax: nanohelp: color also the Sh-Tab key combo
      tweaks: change a 'do' to a 'while', and return early to elide an 'if'
      tweaks: check for the type of terminal far earlier
      tweaks: condense a condition and a comment, and reshuffle a line
      tweaks: condense and rewrap some comments, and reindent two lines
      tweaks: condense the conditional compilation of shortcut reassignments
      tweaks: don't bother freeing the key buffer, just reallocate it
      tweaks: don't bother to reallocate when the keybuffer size decreases
      tweaks: drop a superfluous parameter, as it is always 1
      tweaks: drop a useless assert, and don't abort over an unhandled option
      tweaks: drop two unneeded initializations, and trim a comment
      tweaks: elide a tiny intermediate buffer, and rename two variables
      tweaks: exclude --trimblanks when no wrapping or justifying is configured
      tweaks: fully include Savefile and Wherewas in the tiny version
      tweaks: indenting text files with tabs is not a good idea
      tweaks: mark the two blocks that have a deviant indentation
      tweaks: move a bunch of comments to the lines that they refer to
      tweaks: move two functions to their proper place, orderingwise
      tweaks: remove a fragment of dead code
      tweaks: remove a handful of redundant (because always true) asserts
      tweaks: remove a superfluous case -- there can never be four digits
      tweaks: remove a superfluous check, as we insert always one code
      tweaks: rename a function, for aptness, and drop a superfluous check
      tweaks: rename a function, to be more distinct
      tweaks: rename a variable, and further condense some comments
      tweaks: rename a variable, for more contrast
      tweaks: rename a variable, to better fit its usage
      tweaks: rename two variables, and swap their declaration order
      tweaks: rename two variables, for preciseness and shortness
      tweaks: reshuffle a couple of lines
      tweaks: reshuffle a couple of lines, to make a bit more sense
      tweaks: reshuffle some stuff, and avoid a memory leak
      tweaks: reshuffle two condition series, to look better
      tweaks: rewrap a bunch of lines in the NEWS file
      tweaks: set a modifier in a single place, for conciseness
      tweaks: swap the row and col parameters to a more consistent order
      tweaks: transform a parameter, from a pointer to the value itself
      wrapping: don't trim a blank character that the user just typed



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