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Unifont 12.0.01 Released

From: Paul Hardy
Subject: Unifont 12.0.01 Released
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 21:58:40 -0800

5 March 2019: GNU Unifont 12.0.01 is now available.  This is a major
release incorporating glyphs added in Unicode 12.0.0, which also was
just released today.

Unifont provides fonts with a glyph for each printable code point in
the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane, as well as wide coverage of the
Supplementary Multilingual Plane (Unicode Plane 1) and some ConScript
Unicode Registry glyphs.

The Unifont package includes TrueType fonts for all of these ranges,
and BDF and PCF fonts for the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane.  There
is also a specialized PSF font for using GNU APL in console mode on
GNU/Linux systems.

The web page for this project is

You can download the latest version from GNU mirror sites, accessible at:

or if that fails,

or, as a last resort,

Significant changes in this version include contributions from David
Corbett and Johnnie Weaver.  Notably, the Unifont Upper font has now
reached 11,000 Unicode Plane 1 glyphs.  New Unicode script ranges
introduced in Unicode Standard version 12.0.0 that are included in
this release are (in order of appearance in Unifont Upper): Elymaic,
Tamil Supplement, Nandinagari, Egyptian Hieroglyph Format Controls,
Small Kana Extension, Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong, Wancho, Ottoman Siyaq
Numbers, Chess Symbols, and Symbols and Pictographs Extended-A. Full
details are in the ChangeLog file.

This release also includes two new programs: unibmpbump and
unihexrotate.  unibmpbump, by Paul Hardy, adjusts images created by
unihex2png but saved as Bitmap (".bmp") format files, for processing
with unibmp2hex.  unihexrotate,  by David Corbett, rotates a set of
glyphs in Unifont ".hex" format clockwise or counterclockwise by a
specified number of quarter turns.


Paul Hardy
GNU Unifont Maintainer

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