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MediaGoblin 0.10.0 released!

From: Ben Sturmfels
Subject: MediaGoblin 0.10.0 released!
Date: Wed, 06 May 2020 12:36:26 +1000
User-agent: mu4e 1.4; emacs 26.3

Hi Folks,

We’re pleased to announce the release of MediaGoblin 0.10.0!

It’s been a while between releases for MediaGoblin, but work has
continued steadily. Highlights of this release include a new plugin for
displaying video subtitles and support for transcoding and displaying
video in multiple resolutions. There have also been a large number of
smaller improvements and bug fixes which are listed below.

Details on upgrading are in the release notes:

After enabling the new subtitles plugin, you can upload and edit
captions for your videos. Multiple subtitle tracks are supported, such
as for different languages. This feature was added by Saksham Agrawal
during Google Summer of Code 2016 and mentored by Boris Bobrov. The
feature has been available for some time on the master branch, but it
definitely deserves a mention for this release.

Videos are now automatically transcoded at various video qualities such
as 360p, 480p and 720p. You can choose your preferred quality while
watching the video. This feature was added by Vijeth Aradhya during
Google Summer of Code 2017 and mentored by Boris Bobrov. Again this
feature has been available for some time on master, but is also worthy
of a mention.

See our blog post for screenshots of these new features:

Smaller improvements:

 - Make the user panel default to open and remember preference in local storage 
(Matt Deal)
 - Use OSM tiles in Geolocation plugin (Olivier Mehani)
 - Add thumbnail image to Atom feed (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Add links in site-admin documentation foreword (Alexandre Franke)
 - Add media_titleinfo template hook (Andrew Browning)
 - Add video icon to collection thumbnail (Andrew Browning)
 - Use AJAX for posting comments (Vijeth Aradhya)
 - Show transcoding progress (Vijeth Aradhya)
 - Add collection option to ‘addmedia’ cli uploading (Stéphane Péchard)
 - Add creator to filter collections (Stéphane Péchard)
 - Add ARIA attributes to audio player (Boris Bobrov)
 - Remove tinymce from dependencies (Boris Bobrov)
 - Add register_captcha template hook (Andrew Browning)
 - Switch to rabbitmq by default and in docs (Boris Bobrov)
 - Log IP address for failed login (Andrew Browning)
 - Handle collection in batchaddmedia command (Simen Heggestøyl)
 - Allow API upload filename to be provided using custom header (Romain Porte)
 - Add tags in API (view them and edit them) (Romain Porte)
 - Remove use of mediagoblin_local.ini (Boris Bobrov)
 - EXIF rotation to make the image portrait on demand (chrysn)
 - Add moderation panel thumbnail header [#5563] (Andrew Browning)
 - Add Creative Commons 4.0 licenses [#955] (Dpg)
 - Add Python 2 & 3 Docker files for MediaGoblin hacking (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Add Python 3 docker-compose recipe for MediaGoblin hacking (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Add basic duplicate detection/prevention for batchaddmedia (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Add datetime_format config option (Olivier Mehani)
 - Extend install instructions for raven plugin (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Add visual feedback on link hover (Muto)
 - Document SSL/TLS SMTP options (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Remove flup and fastcgi from documentation (Michael Lynch)
 - Switch to Python 3 by default (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Add Python 2 deprecation warning [#5598] (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Review and update the deploment docs for Debian 10 and CentOS 8 [#5593] (Ben 

Bug fixes:

 - Pass test paths to py.test via tox (Boris Bobrov)
 - Length check for login form (Jonathan Sandoval)
 - Add padding around form field labels (Josh Crompton)
 - Fix unhelpful SMTP error (Johnathan Sandoval)
 - Fix the blog_delete page for admins (宋文武)
 - Fix add_message inconsistencies [#5451] (Andrew Browning)
 - Handle no mail server configured (Jonathan Sandoval)
 - Fixed ‘older’ and ‘newer’ arrows for rtl locales (Leah Velleman)
 - Prevent erroring out in some cases of checking video metadata (Christopher 
Allan Webber)
 - Cleanup to avoid duplicated get_upload_file_limits [#928] (Loic Dachary)
 - Attempt to change email without login [#5462] (Andrew Browning)
 - Fix text wrapping on thumbnail (Matt Deal)
 - Modify version syntax to address #5464 (Andrew Browning)
 - Fix Python 3 support in pagination (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Fix typo in user processing panel (Andrew Browning)
 - Fix text overflow in media headings [#664] (Andrew Browning)
 - Removed line breaks around the verifier code (Vijeth Aradhya)
 - Fix UnicodeEncodeError in atom feed [#5500] (Andrew Browning)
 - Commit session after alembic updates have finished (Boris Bobrov)
 - Add cascade to blog mediatype [#5308] (Robert Smith)
 - Remove mongodb-related stuff (Boris Bobrov)
 - Remove exif from blog posts [#830] (Andrew Browning)
 - Can’t delete blog post drafts [#5513] (Andrew Browning)
 - Fix add to Collection causes server error [#5514] (Andrew Browning)
 - Fix zero division error in [#5524] (Andrew Browning)
 - Support Unicode characters in configuration values (Simen Heggestøyl)
 - Make admin panel headers readable in Airy theme (Simen Heggestøyl)
 - Port batchaddmedia command to Python 3 (Simen Heggestøyl)
 - Fix location of host-meta.xml file [#5543] (Andrew Browning)
 - Replaced /bin/celeryd by /bin/celery in lazycelery (Romain Porte)
 - Prevent video plugin from processing svg [#934] (Andrew Browning)
 - Process videos with incorrect date tags [#5409] (Andrew Browning)
 - Fix 2 errors in editor views (ĎÚβĨŐÚŚ Dod)
 - Fix server crash on blog about page [#5572] (Andrew Browning)
 - Fix default gmg help message (Boris Bobrov)
 - Remove requirement for the file to be with single dot in name (Boris Bobrov)
 - Fix auth error and simplify url and email checks (Boris Bobrov)
 - Finally fix url validator (Boris Bobrov)
 - Always guess the same filetype (Boris Bobrov)
 - Fix bulkupload documentation example (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Fix URL-based importing with batchaddmedia command (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Update metadata_display plugin for Python 3 (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Various Guix-related installation fixes/updates (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Even up top/bottom margins around header dropdown button (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Prevent warning when importing GstPbutils (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Pin werkzeug < 1.0.0, handle moved SharedDataMiddleware in werkzeug >= 
0.15.0 (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Remove audio spectrograms due to instability and lack of Python 3 support 
(Ben Sturmfels)
 - Decode request.query_string before use (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Pin jinja2<3.0.0 due to use of f-strings (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Fix “KeyError: ‘No such transport: sqlite. Did you mean sqla?’” in tests 
(Ben Sturmfels)
 - Unmute videos by default (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Properly quote –without-python3 in docs (#5596) (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Pin all Python 2 dependencies allowing patch version upgrades [#5595] (Ben 

Ben Sturmfels and Boris Bobrov

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