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GNU gama 2.09 released

From: Ales Cepek
Subject: GNU gama 2.09 released
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2020 16:01:00 +0200
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We are pleased to announce the release of GNU Gama 2.09.

There is one major fix visible to end users. Implicit value of XML parameter 'update_constrained_coordinates' was changed to "yes". The behavior of adjustment calculation was well and clearly described in the documentation, but in some cases the old implicit value ("no") might have led to poor numerical results. The input data XML parameter 'update_constrained_coordinates' is preserved only for backward compatibility and is likely to be removed in some future release.

Several other minor internal issues were fixed, none of them visible to end users.


GNU Gama package is dedicated to adjustment of geodetic networks. It is intended for use with traditional geodetic surveyings which are still used and needed in special measurements (e.g., underground or high precision engineering measurements) where the Global Positioning System (GPS) cannot be used.

Adjustment in local coordinate systems is fully supported by a command-line program gama-local that adjusts geodetic (free) networks of observed distances, directions, angles, height differences, 3D vectors and observed coordinates (coordinates with given variance-covariance matrix). Adjustment in global coordinate systems is supported only partly as a gama-g3 program.

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