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[ANNOUNCE] nano-5.5 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] nano-5.5 is released
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 11:49:27 +0100
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2021.01.14 - GNU nano 5.5  "Rebecca"

• Option 'set minibar' makes nano suppress the title bar and instead
  show a bar with basic editing information at the bottom: file name
  (plus an asterisk when the buffer is modified), the cursor position
  (line,column), the character under the cursor (U+xxxx), the flags
  that --stateflags normally shows, plus the percentage of the buffer
  that is above the cursor.
• With 'set promptcolor' the color combination of the prompt bar can
  be changed, to allow contrasting it with the mini bar (which always
  has the same color as the title bar).
• Option 'set markmatch' highlights the result of a successful search
  by putting the mark at the end of the match, making the match more
  visible.  It also suppresses the cursor until the next keystroke.
  (If you dislike the hiding of the cursor, use 'set showcursor'.)
• The bindable toggle 'nowrap' has been renamed to 'breaklonglines',
  to match the corresponding option, like for all other toggles.
• Support for Slang has been removed.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

A concise overview of nano's shortcut keystrokes:

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific issues that were addressed in this release:  (an option to hide title bar [wish])  (option for conciser interface [wish])  ("Esc Esc X" for ^X failed in a macro)  (mark the result of a search [wish])  (state flags were shown in browser)  (M flag was unaffected by mouse)  (line numbers skewed mouse clicks)  ('set bookstyle' was not greened)  (Undo left a magic line from Replace)  (clipping of file name was unobvious)  (possibly misplaced cursor in prompt)  (long search could scroll prompt bar)  (memory leak on multiple spell checks)  (spell check crashed for --speller="")

Changes between v5.4 and v5.5:

OIX (1):
      mouse: update title bar (the M flag) when the click is on the cursor

Benno Schulenberg (85):
      build: fix compilation for --enable-{tiny,help,multibuffer}
      build: fix compilation when configured with --disable-utf8
      build: fix compilation when configured with --enable-tiny
      build: remove the '--with-slang' configure option
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 5.5 release
      chars: short-circuit determining the width of characters under U+0300
      chars: speed up the handling of invalid UTF-8 starter bytes
      copyright: update the years for the FSF
      display: add code for showing minimal state-information bar at the bottom
      display: do not show the state flags in the help viewer or file browser
      docs: explain the effect of --minibar / -_ / 'set minibar'
      docs: explain the purpose of --markmatch / -^ / 'set markmatch'
      docs: insert links to the mailing-list archives into the README
      docs: mention in NEWS that some workarounds were removed
      docs: mention the new 'set promptcolor' option
      docs: remove all mentions of Slang
      feedback: differentiate between remarks, mistakes, and information
      feedback: wipe the status bar by default after 20 keystrokes
      files: when truncating a file name, give an indication of this
      general: remove support for Slang
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      input: intercept ^Z also when --minibar is active
      input: interpret a keystroke as Meta only when an earlier escape was solo
      memory: avoid leaking the speller or linter command string, when invoked
      minibar: add an [x/y] "counter" when multiple files are open
      minibar: add a percentage that shows how far the cursor is into the file
      minibar: allow the number-of-lines to overrule also the state flags
      minibar: allow the number-of-lines to overrule location + character code
      minibar: drop the side spaces before suppressing the state flags
      minibar: represent bytes as 0xNN and valid Unicode code points as U+NNNN
      minibar: show the info bar again some 0.8 seconds after a message
      minibar: show the line count in the bar (at startup and when saving)
      minibar: show Unicode codes when in a UTF-8 locale
      minibar: suppress some elements when there is no room to show them
      minibar: when the next character has zero width, show its code too
      minibar: when the overnext character has zero width too, show its code
      mouse: do not offset the shortcuts by 'margin' when using --linenumbers
      oops: use the correct condition for checking the last line will change
      options: accept 'set promptcolor' for setting the color of the prompt bar
      options: add --markmatch and -^ for activating the select-match behavior
      options: add --minibar and -_ for activating basic state-information bar
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      prompt: restore a workaround for a cursor misplacement bug in ncurses
      prompt: suppress the ">" character always when exactly at the right edge
      rcfile: rename 'nowrap' toggle to 'breaklonglines', to match the option
      search: set the mark at the end of a found match so it gets highlighted
      search: suppress the cursor when highlighting a match
      speller: do an internal spell check when --speller is an empty string
      speller: strip leading whitespace from command, to avoid a sneaky crash
      syntax: go: add author and license line
      syntax: nanorc: colorize 'bookstyle' as a valid option
      syntax: nanorc: colorize 'set promptcolor' as valid
      syntax: sh: recognize shebangs with any shell after 'env', not just 'sh'
      tweaks: adjust the indentation after the previous change
      tweaks: avoid compilation warnings on 32-bit machine plus newer compiler
      tweaks: avoid computing the cursor column twice, and the "page" too
      tweaks: avoid hitting negative values when using size_t
      tweaks: change an intermediate variable to a better one
      tweaks: clean up after the previous change
      tweaks: condense the description of how to report a bug
      tweaks: correct a translator hint
      tweaks: correct two comments after the previous changes
      tweaks: do not change the pointer, but move the content of the string
      tweaks: drop a small optimization for invalid UTF-8 starter bytes
      tweaks: elide a variable, by using a reallocation instead
      tweaks: fold some conditions into bitwise masks, for efficiency
      tweaks: fold two similar and three identical cases together
      tweaks: move 'set indicator' to its alphabetical place in the manual
      tweaks: move the displaying of the state letters into a separate function
      tweaks: push back the deprecation of the 'set nowrap' option
      tweaks: put the new options in a consistent order in the code
      tweaks: reduce the scope of a static variable
      tweaks: remove some #ifdefs that were there only for Slang
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be similar to its sister
      tweaks: reshuffle a condition, to probably avoid an unneeded calculation
      tweaks: reshuffle an option, to have two related ones grouped together
      tweaks: reshuffle some lines, to group things better
      tweaks: reshuffle some lines, to have most #includes near the beginning
      tweaks: reshuffle some more lines, to have most #defines together
      tweaks: reshuffle two lines, and rename a variable to a plain word
      tweaks: reword the description of an option
      tweaks: simplify a bit of logic
      tweaks: use a boolean instead of an enumeration of two values
      undo: remove the added magic line when a replacement caused one
      weeding: remove some obsolete information from the README



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