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Unifont 15.0.01 Released

From: Paul Hardy
Subject: Unifont 15.0.01 Released
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2022 11:10:27 -0700

13 September 2022

Unifont 15.0.01 is now available.  This is a major release to
correspond with today's release of Unicode 15.0.0.

   * "make install" now installs Unifont OpenType font files in the
     same directory as TrueType fonts by default.  The intention is
     to remove TrueType fonts file from the "install" target for the
     Unicode 16.0.0 release unless there is a reason to keep them.

   * Existing Unicode scripts in Unifont maintain complete coverage.

   * Under ConScript Unicode Registry (UCSUR) scripts added:
     - U+E1D0..U+E1FF Syai
     - U+E360..U+E37F Sarkai
     - U+ED80..U+EDAF Iranic.

   * New Unicode 15.0.0 Plane 1 scripts:
     - U+10EFD..U+10EFF Arabic Extended-C
     - U+11B00..U+11B5F Devanagari Extended-A
     - U+11F00..U+11F5F Kawi
     - U+1D2C0..U+1D2DF Kaktovik Numerals
     - U+1E030..U+1E08F Cyrillic Exntended-D
     - U+1E4D0..U+1E4FF Nag Mundari.

Download this release from GNU server mirrors at:

or if that fails,

or, as a last resort,

These files are also available on the website:

Font files are in the subdirectory

A more detailed description of font changes is available at

and of utility program changes at


Paul Hardy

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