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GCC 13.1 Released

From: Richard Biener
Subject: GCC 13.1 Released
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 08:20:42 +0000 (UTC)
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The GCC developers are proud to announce a new major GCC release, 13.1.

This release integrates a frontend for the Modula-2 language which
was previously available separately and lays foundation for a
frontend for the Rust language which will be available in a future

Support for emitting the STABS debugging format was removed.  GCC
supports DWARF in almost all configurations.

The C frontend got support for several C23 features, the C++ frontend
for C++23 features.  The C++ standard library experimental support for
C++20 and C++23 was enhanced.  For the C family of languages you can now
use -fstrict-flex-arrays[=level] to control the behavior for the various
legacy forms of specifying flexible array members.

GCCs static analyzer has been greatly improved with 20 new diagnostic

Link-time optimization now makes automatic use of GNU makes jobserver
when that supports named pipes which it does starting with version 4.4.
It is no longer required to alter makefiles.

Support for new CPU features in the ARM, x86 family, RISC-V and LoongArch
were added.  Notably RISC-V supports vector intrinsics as specified in
the 0.11 specification and OpenMP/OpenACC offloading to AMD Instinct MI200
series devices has been added.

Some code that compiled successfully with older GCC versions might require
source changes, see for


for more information about changes in GCC 13.1.

This release is available from the WWW and FTP servers listed here:

The release is in the gcc-13.1.0/ subdirectory.

If you encounter difficulties using GCC 13.1, please do not contact me
directly.  Instead, please visit for information about
getting help.

Driving a leading free software project such as GCC would not be possible
without support from its many contributors.
Not only its developers, but especially its regular testers and users which
contribute to its high quality.  The list of individuals
is too large to thank individually!

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