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Unifont 15.0.02 Released

From: Paul Hardy
Subject: Unifont 15.0.02 Released
Date: Sat, 20 May 2023 19:25:59 -0700

20 May 2023

Unifont 15.0.02 is now available.  Although a minor release increment,
there have been significant changes in the organization of font
builds.  Thus, users are encouraged to try out this version to
identify any issues with the updated build process.

NOTE: This is the last Unifont release expected to build TrueType font
versions during the default font build.  These will be replaced by
their OpenType equivalents, which have been built alongside the
TrueType versions since the Unifont 14.0.03 release more than one year
ago.  In the future, it will still be possible to manually build the
TrueType versions with the "make truetype" command in the "font"
directory (that is implemented today, for anyone who wants to

This version also adds Doxygen comments to all C source code.

The base Unifont build (unifont-15.0.02.*) now includes all the
Unicode Plane 2 glyphs that are in the Table of Standard Chinese
Characters, plus the Plane 3 Chinese biang character.

Last but not least, the double width CJK glyphs in the range
U+FF00..U+FFEF were modified by request so they did not appear

Many other minor changes were made, noted in the ChangeLog file.

Download this release from GNU server mirrors at:

or if that fails,

or, as a last resort,

These files are also available on the website:

Font files are in the subdirectory

A more detailed description of font changes is available at

and of utility program changes at


Paul Hardy

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