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Unifont 15.1.01 Released

From: Paul Hardy
Subject: Unifont 15.1.01 Released
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2023 11:56:51 -0700

12 September 2023

Unifont 15.1.01 is now available.  This is a major release.

From the NEWS file:

   * Glyphs updated for Unicode 15.1.0 release.

   * OpenType fonts are now built by default, replacing TrueType fonts.
     TrueType fonts can be built manually by invoking "make truetype"
     in the font directory.

   * New Hangul Johab 6/3/1 encoding devised by Ho-Seok Ee for building
     the Hangul Syllables block (U+AC00..U+D7A3), with new supporting
     programs johab2syllables, unigen-hangul, and unijohab2html.  This
     encoding replaces Unifont's original Hanterm-derived encoding.
     New source files hangul.h and unihangul-support.c provide support
     for rendering syllable bitmaps with all Unicode Hangul letters,
     including all ancient Hangul, through the new unigen-hangul program.
     These functions also can support user-written Hangul syllable rendering
     programs, for example on embedded systems using graphics displays.

   * Added three hexadecimal digit representation CSUR/UCSUR scripts:
     - U+EBE0..U+EBEF: Boby Lapointe's "bibi-binary" notation
     - U+EBF0..U+EBFF: Bruce Alan Martin's bit location notation
     - U+ECF0..U+ECFF: Ronald O. Whitaker's triangular notation.

   * Modified hexdraw to support bitmap manipulation of up to 64 rows
     by 128 columns for 64-by-128 graphics display screen drawing support.
     Added the unihexpose program to transpose Unifont glyphs, for use
     with graphics display controller chips that encode each byte as
     8 rows by 1 column, left to right.

   * Other minor updates; see ChangeLog for details.

Download this release from GNU server mirrors at:

or if that fails,

or, as a last resort,

These files are also available on the website:

Font files are in the subdirectory

A more detailed description of font changes is available at

and of utility program changes at

Information about Hangul modifications is at



Paul Hardy

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