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GNU Health Hospital Management 4.4 released!

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: GNU Health Hospital Management 4.4 released!
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2023 23:44:04 +0000

Dear community:

I am very happy to announce the release of the 4.4 series from the GNU
Health Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) component!

== What is new in GNUHealth Hospital Management 4.4 series ==

The following is a summary of the main new features included in GH 4.4 .

* Improve ergonomics on patient health condition model
* Menu for dental treatments
* Include synchronization with Orthanc server using Tryton scheduler
* Add age_str field to gnuhealth.patient.disease
* Refactor FHIR server
* Include surgery stock moves
* New packages health_surgery_protocols and health_stock_surgery
* Update documentation on existing modules
* Expand information and management of surgical protocols
* Support generate DICOM Modality Worklists 
* Operating room scheduler
* QR Code bracelet / wristband in demographics. No need to enter the
  patient / clinical section to print the QR.
* pot template generator
* Support Stone Web Viewer and Osimis Web Viewer link.
* Add service_updated to health_services* packages
* Automatically create patient upon entering demographics
* Move samples/interfaces/* to script directory
* Add ICD-10 or ICD-11 parent to disease_categories
* Update functionality in Health Genetics packages
* Include ambulatory care reporting
* Support no-patient labtest
* Make age string returned by compute_age_from_dates function
* Add code field to GnuHealthTestCritearea and let lab interface script
  use it
* Write a example Interface with pandas.

=== Genomics and medical genetics package ===

A particular mention to the health_genetics packages because major work
and significant improvements have been done for this version. I've
spent quite a bit of time on this to be ready for this new release. I
am confident GNU Health genetics functionality can be a valuable tool
for genomics and medical genetics, both in research and clinical

The following is a summary of changes in health_genetics and
health_genetics_uniprot packages:

* Rename gnuhealth.disease.gene model to gnuhealth.gene
* Rename disease_genes xml data files to human_genes
* Update views and references in related modules
* Include hgnc_id
* The primary key is now the HGNC identifier
* Add symbol aliases
* Update gene type selection
* Include locus group and type
* Update Gene form and tree view
* Include name aliases, omim, ensembl and refseq accession ids to
  gnuhealth.gene model
* Gene related proteins are now managed in main health_genetics package
* Update and remove obsolete references of natural variants and
* Use human genes datafiles for Genome Reference Consortium Human build
  38 (grch38) and alternative loci
* Include xrefs, protein and keywords in genetic diseases
* Improve field descriptions
* Simplify protein-related views and terms
* Use Inheritance pattern
* Include MIM reference in protein diseases tree view 
* Use xrefs in tree view to broaden search
* Update protein diseases datafile 
* Update variants phenotypes datafile to v 2023_03_june28 from  Uniprot

== Upgrading from GNU Health 4.2 ==

The GNUHealth 4.4 will benefit from the stability of using Tryton 6.0!
Still, at GH level there are significant changes on the data dictionary
and kernel. 

As usual:  
* Make a *FULL BACKUP* your kernel, database and attach directories !!
* Follow the instructions in the manual / Wikibooks

== Development focus ==

In addition of the GH HMIS server, we will focus the development in the
following  areas of the GNU Health ecosystem:

* The Documentation Portal: It's now a reality! Little by little we are
  integrating the information on . We now
  have a dedicated server that will host the documentation for the
  GNUHealth ecosystem components. The docmentation portal is a
  read-only resource, focusing on stability and quality. Wikibooks will
  work as the great community wiki that has been helping us for over a
  decade. Wikibooks will also work for development discussion and host
  the latest screenshots at Wikimedia commons. 
* MyGNUHealth: The GNU Health Personal Health Record app for desktop and
  mobile devices is now at 2.0 and on Kivy framework! We can now port
  it to different platforms (Android, MacOS, ..) using pretty much the
  same codebase.

* Thalamus and the Federation Portal. The GNU Health Federation
  integrates information from many health institutions and individuals
  from a region or country. The GH Federation portal will  allow to
  manage resources, as well as the main point for **analytics** and
  **reporting** of massive demographics and epidemiological data
  generated nationwide. People, health centers and research
  institutions will benefit from the GNU Health Federation and the GNU
  Health ecosystem in general.

As always, no matter how hard we try to avoid them, there will be bugs,
so please test the new system, upgrade process, languages, and give us
your feedback via them via

The community server has been already migrated to 4.4.0, so you just
need to download the GNU Health HMIS client.

Happy and Healthy Hacking!

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