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GNU Linux-libre 6.7-gnu

From: Freedo
Subject: GNU Linux-libre 6.7-gnu
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2024 00:27:59 -0300
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Hello, everyone,

This is Freedo, the spokespenguin for the GNU Linux-libre project.

I'm here to let you know that GNU Linux-libre 6.7-gnu is ready!

tags {scripts,sources,logs}/v6.7-gnu

Scripts to clean up for the 6.7-gnu series were first published for rc7,
and they haven't changed since then.

This may have happened just a couple of weeks ago,
but it feels so last year!

*groan* sorry not sorry.  And Happy GNU Year!


-- compressed tarballs

-- incremental patches

Binaries are already baking.
Can you smell the freedom from where you are?
Mmm, trust me, it's delicious!

- Freesh (.deb) binaries

- RPMFreedom (.rpm) binaries

# Artwork

Yeah, about that...

I'm told things always get a little out of hand during the holidays, but
I'm a blue penguin, and penguins are always out of hands! ;-)

I'm lucky that tutor Jason could make me a scale to scale, :-)
one for real me, and for my iconic caricature.

Blue penguins are naturally smaller than other penguins,
but I didn't expect my weight to come out like that!

With the removal of a couple of the blobs that were still present in
past releases of upstream Linux, I thought my patchset might have
started this year a little lighterweight.

But no such luck.  Lots of new blob names made up for it. :-(

The patchset got even bigger, having just got past 3k edits overall.
It's huge!

Oh well...

On the upside, that means I'm comparatively even leaner than before!

Getting rid of so much undesirable weight is hard work!

Thanks to my tutors for their dedication to keeping me healthy and free!

Here's hoping Tux also loses some more undesirable weight.

But for that, he needs help from his tutors.

I wonder if they even care about it...

Oh, you may have missed that tutor Jason also made me a special costume
for the 6.6.6-gnu release last month.  I've always wanted GNU horns!

Check them all out at

# Cleaning up changes

- Dropped cleaning up of COPS Localtalk and rtl8192u wifi drivers, they
got removed upstream.

- Updated cleaning up of amdgpu, nouveau, adreno, mwifiex, mt7988,
ath11k, avs, btqca.

- Cleaned up aarch64 dts files's mentions of blobs.

- Cleaned up new mt7925, tps6598x, aw87390, aw88399 drivers.

## Bug fixes

- xhci-pci, rtl8xxxu, and rtw8822b drivers had unintended cleanups,
along with intended ones, in some past releases.  The cleanups would
have only affected hardware that is not compatible with your freedom
anyway, for demanding actual blobs, but we took the opportunity to
restore other bits that, despite also looking suspicious, were
ultimately fine to keep.

For fresh news about GNU Linux-libre, follow me in the Fediverse.

My tutors are also on IRC: #gnu-linux-libre on

That was all, everyone.  Be Free! with GNU Linux-libre.

*waves wings*

# Rolling credits

What is GNU Linux-libre?

  GNU Linux-libre is a Free version of the kernel Linux (see below),
  suitable for use with the GNU Operating System in 100% Free
  GNU/Linux-libre System Distributions.

  It removes non-Free components from Linux, that are disguised as
  source code or distributed in separate files.  It also disables
  run-time requests for non-Free components, shipped separately or as
  part of Linux, and documentation pointing to them, so as to avoid
  (Free-)baiting users into the trap of non-Free Software.

  Linux-libre started within the gNewSense GNU/Linux distribution.
  It was later adopted by Jeff Moe, who coined its name, and in 2008
  it became a project maintained by FSF Latin America.  In 2012, it
  became part of the GNU Project.

  The GNU Linux-libre project takes a minimal-changes approach to
  cleaning up Linux, making no effort to substitute components that
  need to be removed with functionally equivalent Free ones.
  Nevertheless, we encourage and support efforts towards doing so.

  Our mascot is Freedo, a light-blue penguin that has just come out
  of the shower.  Although we like penguins, GNU is a much greater
  contribution to the entire system, so its mascot deserves more
  promotion.  See our web page for their images.

  If you are the author of an awesome program and want to join us in
  writing Free (libre) Software, please consider making it an official
  GNU program and become a GNU Maintainer.  You can find instructions
  on how to do so at  We look
  forward to hacking with you! :)

What is Linux?

  Linux is a clone of the Unix kernel [...]

(snipped from Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst)

Freedo, GNU Linux-libre's Mascot and Spokespenguin

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