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MyGNUhealth 2.2 series released!

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: MyGNUhealth 2.2 series released!
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2024 09:52:36 +0000

Dear all

I am happy to announce the release of MyGNUHealth 2.2.0!

The new series of the GNU Health Personal Health record comes with many
improvements and bug fixes. Some highlights of this new version:

 * Support for Kivy 2.3.0
 * Localization. MyGNUHealth now has support for different languages.
   English, Spanish and Chinese are available to use, and French,
   German, Italian are ready to be translated. There will be a
   translation component for MyGNUHealth at Codeberg's Weblate
 * Bluetooth functionality: Starting with MyGH series 2.2 we provide
   bluetooth integration for open compatible devices and health
   trackers. We include the link with the Pinetime Smartwatch
   (experimental) and the possibility to link to any open hardware
   device (glucometer, scales, blood pressure monitors,  .. ). We need
   to get a list of available medical devices that respect our privacy
   and freedom, so let us know of any! 
 * Charts now allow to select date ranges with calendar widgets The
   Book of Life have a revised format for the pages. The charts have
   been improved in the format and include x axis labels.

Thanks to Kivy, Mygnuhealth codebase can be ported to other
architectures and operating systems such as Android AOSP (Pierre Michel
is working on this) and GNU/Linux phones.

In addition to Savannah, we have incorporated Codeberg to the GNU
Health development environment. Mailing lists, news and file downloads
are at GNU, while the development repositories are at Codeberg

You can download the latest MyGNUhealth sourcecode from GNU ftp site,
pypi (using pip) or from your operating system package (like openSUSE).

Upgrading should be straightforward, and all the health history will
remain in the MyGH database. In any case, please make sure you make a
backup before upgrading (and daily ;) ).

Thank you to all the contributors that have possible this milestone!

Happy hacking

This post is at GNU Savannah news section:

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