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PhD and Postdoc positions at CEFCA

From: Mohammad Akhlaghi
Subject: PhD and Postdoc positions at CEFCA
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2021 13:20:25 +0100
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Dear all,

As some of you already know, I will be moving to CEFCA [1] (Centro de Estudios de Física del Cosmos de Aragón, Teruel, Spain) soon to start a Tenure Track research position there.

CEFCA is managing the nearby Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre (OAJ) facilities which have some pretty exciting and ambitious projects like J-PLUS[2] and J-PAS[3] to map the northern sky in narrow-bands. Such that J-PAS (now in later commissioning phase) will ultimately cover 8000 deg^2 in 56 spectrally-contiguous narrow-band filters [4], effectively becoming a low-spectral-resolution IFU over the northern sky with a wonderful discovery potential of strong emission-line objects/features (that are missed in surveys like LSST, Euclid and etc).

CEFCA has recently opened two 4-year PhD positions (fully funded in whole period) [5] and one 3-year Postdoc position [6]. The list of offered PhD research topics is available in [5] just above the "Evaluation process".

I have proposed one of the PhD projects (on the emission-line features of the circum-galactic medium, CGM, in the local Universe using J-PLUS DR2). The project will involve a fair share of NoiseChisel (and Gnuastro in general, hence the reason for sending to this mailing list) to detect and study the diffuse circum-calactic environment in H-alpha, H-delta, OII and OIII over 2200 deg^2 of the northern sky as part of J-PLUS DR2. See the description of the research project for more.

J-PLUS and J-PAS are large international collaborations, allowing the student to actively participate and create a strong scientific network. Furthermore, CEFCA is also a member of the European Space Agency's Euclid mission [7] (providing g-band, ground-based imaging in the northern sky) and our team is also actively participating in several Euclid operating units (OUs) and Science Working Groups (SWGs). So while the student's primary/main goal will be on the emission line features of the CGM with J-PLUS, s/he will also have the opportunity to join those discussions/meetings.

If you know any finishing M.Sc students that would be interested to join my team at CEFCA (which also includes Dr. Raúl Infante-Sainz as a postdoc, a professional of the LSB universe and techniques), please forward this email to them and encourage them to apply (we are building a strong team and look for good applicants that aren't afraid of tackling large problems).

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



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