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Postdoctoral positions at CEFCA

From: Mohammad Akhlaghi
Subject: Postdoctoral positions at CEFCA
Date: Sat, 7 May 2022 11:58:50 +0200
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Dear all,

CEFCA has opened up three postdoctoral positions (each for 2 years):

Spatially-resolved star formation at the nearby Universe: (deadline: June 3rd)

Galactic archaeology and Local Group science: (deadline: June 3rd)

Asteriods: (deadline: May 13th)

They will involve usage of the wonderful J-PLUS data (3000 deg^2 in DR3, with 6 broad-band and 6 medium-band filters; including H-alpha, OII, OIII and others, for more, see Cenarro+2019 in [1]).

The first position will be co-supervised by me; where we will be looking in the local universe galaxies within J-PLUS DR3 and using Gnuastro (among other complementary tools) so can identify and study star forming regions in all those filters 12 filters (with 6 medium band filters of width <200 Angstroms, see Table 3 and Figure 3 of [1])!

The other two projects with J-PLUS are also pretty exciting and I am in touch with their leads on using Gnuastro in those science cases is well, so if they are closer to your scientific interests, please apply there also.

Having the experience of J-PLUS, the successful applicants to these positions will also be fully ready to exploit J-PAS. J-PAS will be observing the sky in 56 spectrally contiguous medium-band filters of 140 Angstroms that will be starting soon at CEFCA (see [2]), making it a full-sky low-spectral-resolution IFU!

CEFCA is also a member of Euclid, and we are actively participating in many projects there also.

Teruel (where CEFCA headquarters are based) is a beautiful city in the central region of Spain (1.5 hour drive from Valencia, in the direction of Zaragoza), and very near to our Javalambre Observatory (where we observe J-PLUS and J-PAS). Teruel hosts some of the best Mudejar architecture of Aragon (recognized as UNESCO world heritage, see [3]), and a wonderful place to live, with many festivals :-).

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone that you feel may be interested.



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