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Re: Newbie Help.

From: Karsten Beyer
Subject: Re: Newbie Help.
Date: 03 Aug 2001 15:06:13 +0200
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Hubert Chan wrote:

> Hubert> You'll still need to touch the mouse, though, if you want to
> Hubert> look at its spelling suggestions.
> Ugh.  My mistake.  I guess it always helps to read the
> documentation. ;-) You can still use M-$ (ispell-word) to get spelling
> suggestions.

,----[ M-x flyspell-mode    C-h l ]
| Recent minibuffer messages (most recent first):
| Welcome to flyspell. Use M-tab or Mouse-2 to correct words.
| Starting new Ispell process...
| (Next local Ispell command will use american dictionary)
| (Next local Ispell command will use american dictionary)
| Loading flyspell...done
| Loading flyspell...

You can use M-tab after you typed a word incorrectly to cycle through
recommended spellings. Very convenient.

BSP solutions GbR

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