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Re: nnimap hangs up Gnus

From: Mike Irwin
Subject: Re: nnimap hangs up Gnus
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 14:33:56 -0400
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Simon Josefsson <> writes:

> Weird, the server is simply not responding to the command with tag 9.
> Does it help to wait longer?  You could consider unsubscribing from
> the INBOX mailbox as well, in Gnus, and use splitting to move
> everything into other mailboxes, if the problem only happens for INBOX
> (which is a special mailbox in some regards).  Instead of re-starting
> Gnus, you could close/open the nnimap server in the Server Buffer.

I've waited for a few minutes and it never completed doing its thing, so I
would say no, it doesn't help to wait longer.

Are you suggesting that I use splitting to debug this problem further?  If so,
I'll gladly do it if that will help solve this issue.  Otherwise, ATM I'm not
interested in setting up splitting.  Is there anything else I could try to
help debug this?

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