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Re: send mail to several recipients with bbdb

From: Kai Grossjohann
Subject: Re: send mail to several recipients with bbdb
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 18:07:52 +0200
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Fabian Braennstroem <> writes:

> O.K. I deleted my code-part. Thanks! Unfortunately it doesn't help with the
> mail-alias. I copied one of my bbdb-entries:
> xxx
>          Office: 030
>             net: xxxx
>             AKA: TU
>   creation-date: 27 Feb 2004
>       timestamp: 20 Apr 2004
>       last-subj: Wechsel
>      user-agent: Pegasus Mail for Windows (v4.02a)
>      mail-alias: TU
> As you can see, I have a mail-alias 'TU', but when writing this and
> afterwards pressing TAB, I just see the addresses which have a
> beginning TU in their names!?

I wouldn't say that TU is a mail alias.  To me, a mail alias is
something that belongs to the mail system in some way, eg. an entry in
/etc/aliases or /etc/mail/aliases.  But I understand that the "AKA"
entries in BBDB can be used for a similar purpose.

What happens when you put "TU" at the beginning of a line in a message
and then type M-x bbdb-complete-name RET?  Does that do the right


Oh!  There is a bug in BBDB regarding prefixes in names.  If you have
somebody named "John Smith" in your BBDB and also somebody named "John
Smithson", then there is no way to get John Smith's email address by
entering his name and bbdb-complete-name.

(By the same token, it probably doesn't work to complete on the email
address if you also have in your BBDB.)

To avoid this problem, I put a period after all AKA entries in BBDB.
Then, if I have an AKA "xy." then I need to make sure that nobody has
a name starting "xy." and nobody has an email address starting "xy.".


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