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Re: Limit Article buffer width to 73 chars

From: Floyd L. Davidson
Subject: Re: Limit Article buffer width to 73 chars
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 09:01:14 -0800
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Josef Oswald <> wrote:
>"Tassilo Horn" <heimdall*REMOVETHIS*> writes:
>> Josef Oswald <> writes:
>>> This is the problem:
>>> Sometimes some mail-buffers are not wider then the 74 chars ( the
>>> message fills the whole screen left and right) how can I limit it to
>>> 74 (or thereabouts) ?
>> Put this in your .gnus:
>> (add-hook 'message-mode-hook
>>        (lambda ()
>>          (setq fill-column 72)
>>          (turn-on-auto-fill)))
>Thanks for writing but this did not solve the Problem.

It isn't clear exactly what you want.  The above operates on messages
you send.

To adjust messages you read, try gnus-article-fill-cited-article.  This
is a little tricky though.  Here is what I have in my ~/.gnus file,

  (defun fld-gnus-article-fill ()
    "Fill an article at 60 columns."
    (interactive )
    (gnus-article-fill-cited-article 1 60)
    (message "Filled at column 60"))

  (gnus-define-keys gnus-article-mode-map [f11] fld-gnus-article-fill)
  (gnus-define-keys gnus-summary-mode-map [f11] fld-gnus-article-fill)

The reason I've defined a function rather than using an unnamed
lambda, is just that...  no name shows up in automatically
generated binding lists.  This way there is a name that clues me
in to what that F-key does.

Note also that I use 60 for the number of columns.  That makes
for very short, readable lines.  It also means that if I respond
to that article the lines will be short enough that several
levels of quoting later, they will still be less that 72 or 79
(common values at which a great deal of less able newsreader
software makes a total mess of the formatting).

This is also a /manual/ method.  It doesn't happen
automatically, so you initially will always see the original
formatting, and must decide that you want to reformat the

Floyd L. Davidson           <>
Ukpeagvik (Barrow, Alaska)               

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