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"No such file or directory "openssl" gnus chrashes when responding to a

From: dragomir kollaric
Subject: "No such file or directory "openssl" gnus chrashes when responding to a post
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 09:25:47 GMT
User-agent: Pan/ (As She Crawled Across the Table (Debian GNU/Linux))

Using  both stable as well as CVS gnus when reading a post in a news-group
gnus chrashes with this error:
Signaling: (file-error "Searching for program" "No such file or directory"

Most likely I need to set up openssl, or can I disable openssl in gnus as
I don't use openssl ( at boot-up I do see a message about openssl not

helpful tips are appreciated :-) 

here is the full message I get: 

Signaling: (file-error "Searching for program" "No such file or directory" 
  old-call-process-internal("openssl" nil nil nil "version")
  apply(old-call-process-internal "openssl" nil nil nil "version")
  call-process-internal("openssl" nil nil nil "version")
  apply(call-process-internal "openssl" nil nil nil "version")
  call-process("openssl" nil nil nil "version")
  (eq 0 (call-process "openssl" nil nil nil "version"))
  (condition-case nil (eq 0 (call-process "openssl" nil nil nil "version")) 
(error nil))
  (and (condition-case nil (eq 0 ...) (error nil)) "openssl")
  eval((and (condition-case nil (eq 0 ...) (error nil)) "openssl"))
  custom-initialize-reset(smime-openssl-program (and (condition-case nil (eq 0 
...) (error nil)) "openssl"))
  custom-declare-variable(smime-openssl-program (and (condition-case nil (eq 0 
...) (error nil)) "openssl") "*Name of OpenSSL binary." :type string :group 
  load-internal("smime" nil t nil binary)
  load("smime" nil t nil)
  byte-code("..." [require smime mm-decode autoload message-narrow-to-headers 
"message"] 3)
  load-internal("mml-smime" nil t nil binary)
  load("mml-smime" nil t nil)
  byte-code("..." [require mml-smime autoload mml2015-sign "mml2015" 
mml2015-encrypt mml1991-sign "mml1991" mml1991-encrypt message-goto-body 
"message" mml-insert-tag "mml"] 3)
  load-internal("mml-sec" nil t nil binary)
  load("mml-sec" nil t nil)
  byte-code("..." [require mm-util mm-bodies mm-encode mm-decode mml-sec 
autoload message-make-message-id "message" gnus-setup-posting-charset 
"gnus-msg" gnus-add-minor-mode "gnus-ems" gnus-make-local-hook "gnus-util" 
message-fetch-field fill-flowed-encode "flow-fill" message-posting-charset] 3)
  load-internal("mml" nil t nil binary)
  load("mml" nil t nil)
  byte-code("..." [require canlock mailheader nnheader featurep xemacs 
mail-abbrevs mailabbrev mail-parse mml rfc822 autoload sha1 "sha1-el" 
gnus-find-method-for-group "gnus" nnvirtual-find-group-art "nnvirtual" 
gnus-group-decoded-name "gnus-group" custom-declare-group message 
((user-mail-address custom-variable) (user-full-name custom-variable)) "Mail 
and news message composing." :link (custom-manual "(message)Top") :group mail 
news put user-mail-address custom-type string user-full-name message-various 
nil "Various Message Variables" (custom-manual "(message)Various Message 
Variables") message-buffers "Message Buffers" (custom-manual "(message)Message 
Buffers") message-sending "Message Sending" (custom-manual "(message)Sending 
Variables") message-interface "Message Interface" (custom-manual 
"(message)Interface") message-forwarding "Message Forwarding" (custom-manual 
"(message)Forwarding") ...] 10)
  load-internal("message" nil t nil binary)
  load("message" nil t nil)
  byte-code("..." [require gnus message gnus-range autoload gnus-agent-expire 
"gnus-agent" gnus-agent-read-servers-validate-native] 3)
  load-internal("gnus-int" nil t nil binary)
  load("gnus-int" nil t nil)
  byte-code("..." [require gnus gnus-win gnus-int gnus-spec gnus-range 
gnus-util autoload message-make-date "message" gnus-agent-read-servers-validate 
"gnus-agent" gnus-agent-possibly-alter-active] 3)
  load-internal("gnus-start" nil nil nil binary)
  load("gnus-start" nil nil nil)
  gnus-1(nil nil nil)
  command-execute(gnus t)

Dragomir Kollaric: 
who admits he stole his signature from someone else :-) 
Strange it works but we don't know why: 
it's Windows it does not have bugs only features;
the _most_ often _heard_ lie of the 20th. century, 
will it  _continue_ in the third  Millennium?

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