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Re: lines longer than 79 characters

From: Fabian Braennstroem
Subject: Re: lines longer than 79 characters
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:39:16 -0000
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address@hidden (Floyd L. Davidson) writes:

> Fabian Braennstroem <address@hidden> wrote:
>>Thanks to both! M-q works fine.
> Just, please... *don't* set the fill column to 79!  A much more
> reasonable value is 60-65.  There are two very good reasons for
> that.  One is that lines longer than about 65 columns are more
> difficult to read.  But more imporantly, if your article is
> quoted in a followup, the quote prefix added to the left margin
> will make lines wrapped at 79 too long to display on an 80
> character terminal.  Lots of software is set to wrap long before
> 80 columns anyway, and what your text will look like if it is
> quoted and then run through somebody else's reading software, is
> *ugly*.
> The above paragraph was reformatted using M-q, but the fill
> column was set to 64.

Your are right. Even for the combination with bbdb it is better.
Fabian Braennstroem
Berlin / Duesseldorf

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